How do I live?

How Do I Live 

How do I get through one month without you?
If I had to live without you
What kind of life would that be?

Oh, I, I need you in my bank account, need you to live
You’re my world, my life, my food and if you’re ever missed
Baby you would take away everything good in my life
And tell me now

How do I shop without you? I want to know
How do I eat without you if you ever go?
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh, how do I live?

Without you there’d be no fun on weekend
There would be no cash in my life
There’d be no food left for me

And I, baby, I don’t know what I would do
I’d be lost if I lost you, if you’re ever missed
Baby, you would take away everything real in my life
And tell me now

How do I pay without you? I want to know
How do I eat without you if you ever go?
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh, how do I live?

Please, tell me, baby
How do I go on if you ever leave?
Baby, you would take away everything, I need you with me
Baby, don’t you know that you’re everything good in my life?
And tell me now

How do I live without you? I want to know
How do I pay bills without you if you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh, how do I live?

How do I live without you?
How do I live without you, baby?
How do I live?


I think I’m cursed. I have no pay cheque, my internet is cut, and my bills are due in a few days. Worst of all, I only have 20000 yen left.

I thought I had brought enough cash to survive for one month. And I was right, I just didn’t expect by the time I set up my bank account, I would miss the pay day (20th). They said the worst case scenario would be I wouldn’t get paid until the next month 😥

Let’s do some math… I still have 20000 in my pocket.

Rent is exactly 10000, half gone.

I just received my water and electricity bills…. around 5000 yen. So I still have 5000 left with all bills paid off. Darn, I have never been in any financial crisis in my life.

It is impossible to live in Japan with only 5000 yen for a month. IMPOSSIBLE!

Let’s put things into perspective, I add a 5000 yen charge to my PASMO card (transit smartcard) every week… This is because round trip to work costs roughly 800 yen a day=> 4000 yen five days. Plus I have Japanese class in Yokohama once a week. Oh god, either I send an SOS to get my parents wiring some $$$ to save my butt, or I cross my fingers+toes that I would receive some money pretty soon.

Meanwhile, I should start keeping a budget and eat only one meal a day…

I bought this MUCH food to stock up my fridge... of course that's before knowing I was in some major financial crisis. You think this can last me a month?

Let’s see what I have been cooking lately… Cooking really doesn’t save much, especially when fresh produce is so damn pricy. However, bento boxes are expensive and oily.


So.. that thing was a potato... I actually ate a whole bag of potatoes in one day, and nothing else

A piece of Japanese Donut a colleague gave me... I ate that for dinner instead.

Cheese Hotpot?! No... i wish... it's just Mochi in soup 😛

Curry Spagetti with a big piece of chicken breast and some carrots. This may look good, but you would never guess what happened to it before...

This is when I was cooking the spagetti... I later pour all the carrots and onions into the boiling pot too! You know how after cooking the pasta, the water needs to be spilled? What happened was.. I was using the pot cover to pour out the water, but accidentally spilled EVERYTHING into the sink instead! I startled for a moment, but decided to eat them still. At the end I put everything back into the pot, washed with some tap water... and cooked again with some curry sauce.

Left over spagetti with ketchup this time.... I also made TamagoYaki!!

Simple ingredients... 2 eggs, some salt, soy sauce and Dashi (Japanese fish stock)... You can add some sugar if you prefer sweet tamago.

After mixing the eggs, put 1/3 into the pan to form a thin layer... start rolling

Push the egg roll on one side of pan, add the rest of the mixture in.. and roll again until cooked! Finally, slice into pieces and enjoy!

Tonight's dinner... Fried udon in soy sauce and some veggies...

Also opened the Mentaiko (明太子)that I bought...

First time eating plain Mentaiko (usually have it in Onigiri...) It's really salty, and to be honest, kinda gross. I would imagine going well with rice though.

So I added it to my Natto instead... Please don't try, it got more disgusting.

Some super delicious pineapple for dessert ;D it's quite cheap too, 165 yen for the entire pineapple... With 165 yen, one can only buy 1.5 apples >.<""

Anyway, I woke up last Saturday and found internet on all my devices had stopped working…

Pocket-Wifi reads "No Service"...

I hurried to Kojima- an electric store literally NEXT to my place, and where I got my pocket wifi. The guy called E-Mobile (the carrier) for me and they explained they cut off my service because I did not taken action after receiving the “THANK YOU LETTER”. OK, what Thank You letter?? Turned out they got my address wrong… so it never got sent to the right place. And the Customer Support line was closed on the weekend. So I had to wait until Today… The Kojima guy gave me a call in the afternoon and told me to call their Customer Support number myself. OK, the number did not work! Because apparently Monday is a holiday for their English Service… WTF? OK, I will wait until tomorrow if I don’t get my internet back, I will complain (in English of course) until they give me some discount back!

So meanwhile, how do I go online and make this post? They say… One door closes, the other opens. This is so true… When I found out I couldn’t connect on Saturday… I was devastated, so I decided to try my luck to connect to near by wifi- but all had encryption. But guess what? I was lucky to guess the right “password” for one of them… and now I’m borrowing the person’s WIFI. It’s slow, but I am really thankful already.


This is a key chain made by O-san's wife, whom I met yesterday when I joined their family to visit Hakkeijima (八景島). Those charms are "candies" and she thought I like food decors since my wallet is "cheeseburger", coin pouch is "watermelon" and key chain is "donut" lol Little did she know my mirror is "chocolate" as well.

So last night I was really tired from the day trip, and went to sleep after dinner without taking off my contact lenses!!!

And this morning, I couldn’t open my eyes or see anything!!!

JK =) I was fine, they were slightly dry and good news is I am finally used to wearing contacts for long hours (24+ hrs seriously). But I still prefer glasses… Putting on and cleaning contact lenses are just too troublesome!


3 thoughts on “How do I live?

  1. ~iv says:

    WOW tough month… maybe you should call ur parents?? the curry noodles actually DO look really good? im sure the sink is clean… somewhat… ya… that red fish plus natto doesnt look very appetizing… hope you get ur internet back soon!!! haha so nice! =D those candy reminds me of the life saver candies =P …dont sleep with your contacts on!!! jacqi did that once and same thing happened to her, and her solution was going back to sleep, then she was fine LOL

  2. Fans says:

    It was a good experience for U. People cannot live without money. U must make a good financial plan for your future. It can help U to save your money.Otherwises, nobody can help U more.

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