Awesome Vids: Abandoned Japanese Railways

Came across this inspiring series of documentary(?) created by this guy (Adam Dodge), who cycled 4 abandoned railways in Hokkaido with his girlfriend in a month’s time. The videos are very well made. Besides being entertaining to watch, they are also educational, touching on some history of the lines. During my time here, I think I’ve fallen in love with trains in Japan (some ¬†were even major highlights of my Kyushu trip!)… and it is amazing how much respect the Japanese have for trains… They don’t just decorate them with themes, some people even go as far as saluting to the trains(Mostly from train operators and janitors… but I’ve seen several train otakus done that too)!

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Come and Go

Second round of drinking at M-san and H-san’s Farewell Party.

‘Tis is the season when new hires come and old members are relocated to other group companies. During this month,two members left our team and two newcomers arrived. In roughly a month’s time, it’ll be my turn to say my farewell to all these wonderful people. My time here in Japan is really slipping away now… Looking at the calendar every morning reminds me of how much there is left to do.

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