Stanley Park Bright Nights

Bright Lights @ Stanley Park

Finals are over, so are my gloomy days! Christmas is really my favourite time of a year- no school, no work, no stress. Instead, there’re good food, good deals, and good mood everywhere. Went to Stanley Park’s Bright Nights for the first time ever on the rainy Saturday night to brighten up our night. It was really a spur of the moment thing… We were gonna go shopping in downtown, and we thought it wouldn’t be raining (weather forecast let us down once again).

We woke up quite late, so by the time we hit downtown it was already 3pm… and we didn’t even have lunch (or breakfast XD) ! Went to Sushi Zero One, but they were closed on Saturdays!? Heard their Uni Don was cheap and good, but last time I went they were also closed because of power outage =_=

Negitoro Don

After we grabbed a quick bite, it’s window shopping time!

Saw this pair of panda flats, May loved ’em~ but they ran out of smaller sizes. These fit me, but I resisted… gotta stop buying shoes.

Since my brother was with us (he only went because of Bright Nights, so to take photos with his new camera), I felt guilty for making him wait for us… with all his heavy gears. So we quickly checked out a few stores and headed straight to Stanley Park. By that time, it was freezing cold and pouring.

Bright Nights Entrance, quite a lot of people considering it was cold and rainy.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if it was snowing, rather than raining?

Nutcracker & Santa

May and I (Photo taken by my bro)

Why was the firefighter figure in front wrapped with lights? It looked kinda freaky that way.

It’s Tigger!

Ginger Bread House! Gotta be my favourite display of the night… hm, maybe i should build a gingerbread house this year (photo courtesy: my bro)

Dancing in the rain~ (photo courtesy: my bro)

Live entertainments. It was funny how we thought those guys weren’t wearing pants (particular the guy on the right..) when viewing from afar.. turns out those were fur on the boots lol Photos really are sharper than eyes.  (photo courtesy: my bro)

Huge lego figure!

There’s a polar bear and some penguins too…

This display was special. The lights changed dynamically with the rhythm of a song.

Wonder if the lights are LEDs, would save a lot of energy.

Another favourite display…

What’s that face? LMAO

Lining up for the Christmas train ride. Was $10/person, was it worth it? Well, the entire ride was 13 minutes and the train went through a forest of lights and decors. Pretty neat, and my legs were tired from all the walking. Plus part of that 10 bucks would be donated to the Burns fund, so why not?

By this time, the cold air and moisture made my camera lens really foggy and most of my shots followed were blurry as hell.

In case you can’t figure out, this is the train.

Turned out it wasn’t the foggy lens that made my photos out of focus…. I actually accidentally flipped the switch to manual focus LOL But I do like the bokeh in these shots.

so dreamy…

Snowman in hockey jersey. When will hockey games return??

Connect the dots.

Some of my fav photos by my brother…

Oh Deers

Really like the composition of this photo

I<3 gingerbreads, so cute and tasty!

Right after the train ride, we left the park… even though we were all wearing boots, our toes were freezing and I also got a really bad headache from the cold.

Took bus to Denman street for food… Since the place we wanted to go- Kingyo Izakaya was full, we went to the Korean place next door for some hot pots =D

Mine was pork bone and korean cabbage in soup. Just wish it was spicier

Before heading home, we also dropped by the Japanese grocery store to pick up some natto and snacks!

I used to miss Christmas lights in Hong Kong a lot… Back in the days, my parents always brought us to the downtown area to see thousands of bulbs dazzling on the walls of skyscrapers. But now, I have grown to like Vancouver style Xmas lights more… whether it’s large scale like Bright NIghts@ Stanley Park or those household displays you see driving around the neighbourhood. It just feels less commercialized and more for the Christmas spirits. Am looking forward to seeing more Xmas lights around town this year!


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