Buck A Shuck @ The Fish Shack


Before going for a show in Downtown on Sunday night, we went to The Fish Shack on Granville St. for an early supper. They have the Buck-A-Shuck deal (oysters for $1 each) from opening till 5pm daily, so we arrived at 4 and ordered 3 dozens of oysters for ourselves… and those were just the appetizers!

For this deal, they served two types of oysters: The Summer Breeze (bigger) and the tiny ones in front (forgot the name)

The Summer Breeze oysters were twice the size of the other type so it almost felt like that was a way better deal. But we all agreed that the tiny oysters were less salty and had more of a sweet taste. The oysters tasted quite fresh and creamy, so only a squeeze of lemon juice was all it needed!

My drink #1- The Fish Shack Caesar

My first drink was the Fish Shack Caesar, it’s actually the reason why I wanted to try this place to begin with. It came with a shrimp and a pepperoni stick and I liked how it came with a jar. But perhaps the jar was too big so it was quite diluted, I could barely taste the vodka. But for $8, it’s more reasonable than some other pubs on Granville.

Drink #2- The Shark Bite

I tried the Shark Bite after I was done with the Caesar, this definitely tasted stronger but besides that… all I could taste was lime and more lime.

Waiting to crack some legs…

Seriously, what’s this tool for? I thought it was a meat tenderizer.

Some Fish & Chips… really loved the fries… the fish was good but the batter tasted a lil bit bitter.

Something for the chopping board… finally.

This was the Small Catch (a bucket of seafood enough for two people), which got some shrimps, mussels, clams, snow crab legs, crayfish and some potatoes and corn in case the seafood was not filling enough. It was seasoned simply with butter and spice powder. Really, this portion was more than enough for 3 people, especially after we ate so many oysters.

Would definitely visit again if I crave for seafood and happen to be around Granville. Food was decent and I wanna try more of their drinks.


There are quite a few restaurants around town that offer $1 oysters, but mostly during the happy hours. I really wanna try them all (next up will be Joe Forte)… Way back in September, Candy and I tried this place called The Oyster. The place was really small but they offered more oyster choices (duh! look at the restaurant name!)

I pretty much ate most of them…. which I didn’t mind at all XD

However, what I really want to say is…

Do you know what is wrong with this picture??

The menu was nice enough to come with a warning: “The consumption of RAW oysters and seafood can kill you or worse.” Alright, so can someone enlighten me of what is worse than getting killed?? Maybe being killed by eating raw oysters then end up in hell because you’ve killed too many living things (ie Oysters) in your lifetime? So I get it the restaurant wanted to protect themselves in case some customers die after eating their oysters. But shouldn’t they be confident of the quality of the food that they are serving? Well, lucky me for not getting killed after this.

Kangaroo tartar.

Also tried their Kangaroo tartar… ordered it ’cause I was curious. ok, it was raw also and it tasted just like beef. Again, I kind of finished all of it because Candy didn’t wanna try at all. And I pretty much just swallowed every bite without chewing.

Some left over sushi from lunch n learn. We kinda just had a picnic on the street.

Well, since I ate all the food… she was just eating some left over sushi from her office afterwards ><” Maybe that’s why I’m gaining all the weight?


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