Awesome Vids: Abandoned Japanese Railways

Came across this inspiring series of documentary(?) created by this guy (Adam Dodge), who cycled 4 abandoned railways in Hokkaido with his girlfriend in a month’s time. The videos are very well made. Besides being entertaining to watch, they are also educational, touching on some history of the lines. During my time here, I think I’ve fallen in love with trains in Japan (some  were even major highlights of my Kyushu trip!)… and it is amazing how much respect the Japanese have for trains… They don’t just decorate them with themes, some people even go as far as saluting to the trains(Mostly from train operators and janitors… but I’ve seen several train otakus done that too)!

I have always wanted to visit Hokkaido, but it seems it won’t be happening this time. My mom would kill me if I step foot on anywhere north of the Tohoku area… otherwise, it’d be perfect to visit during the Obon holidays. With the JR Hokkaido 7-day pass (only costs 10000yen! ), I could train there from Tokyo and back… and it would take approx. 23 hours each way. Traveling in Hokkaido by train in summer to see Lavender and sun flowers is my dream! But that’d have to wait till next time =(

Watching these videos make me wanna hop on a bike and do a short trip SOMEWHERE, preferably with mountains and ocean (hmm, Wakayama)… Adventurous as it is, I wouldn’t have the guts to do what those two did.. to follow those deserted routes. Some of the roads along those abandoned railways are pretty darn scary. Still, I’m really thankful for the videos, allowing me to catch a glimpse of something I probably won’t do in my life.

Alright, I should be packing for my long weekend trip to Kyoto and Nara. Leaving by night bus tomorrow night. This month is when the Gion Matsuri’s happening… So gotta rest up and be prepared for another draining and crowded weekend ( I kinda still haven’t recovered from my trip to Nikko last weekend).


3 thoughts on “Awesome Vids: Abandoned Japanese Railways

  1. KRISTINE says:

    i wanna go there too. let me know next time when you plan on visiting JP. i am dying to go travel with you there.
    btw, i bought a new bike. come back and bicycle with us lol

    • 11 days till i return to Vancouver … and i alrdy wish I can come back to JP soon 😛

      Yeah!! Lets go biking. One thing I really wish I had bought in jp was a bike… the convertible ones are popular here, so I could have shipped it back to Canada.
      BTW, i dont think i ever took my bike back from Ivan’s house… and that has been like, ages ago.

  2. KRISTINE says:

    too bad that your workload doesnt allow you to visit more places on wishlist. but no worries, you will definitely come back when you are leaving with desires :P)

    be my guide next time if we have the chance to travel in JP together.

    can you hand carried one from JP since the bike is convertible? otherwise……come back and claim your old bike :P)

    wow, 11days, cant wait seeing you back, my dear. btw, my phone got stolen last fall and i lost your number. call/txt me once you are back to town. then we can arrange a day for reunion 🙂

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