101 ways to eat Kiri-Mochi (切り餅)

I am officially sick of udon...

Seriously, I have been eating the same thing for dinner lately that I don’t even wanna post it – Udon+pumpkin+carrots+onion+egg+miso… yes, they’re all the ingredients I have ( I run out of meat), and I throw ’em all in.  Why don’t I eat something else? There’s really no room for variation when,

1. Your brain is too tired to think

2. You don’t really know how to cook

3. Your big lot of food is expiring VERY soon

4. You live alone and it’s either you who eat it or the garbage can

And I ate 3 bananas yesterday because they were turning bad. I still have 5 grapefruits left( which I thought were oranges when I bought them)….

Dear Mom: I finally understand how hard it is to cook dishes… I will try not to say “Why are we eating this again?” to you in the future.

I could buy Bento from the 24 hr supermart nearby, but- The food is costy and it tastes no better than what I cook (not trying to bloat here, it’s THAT disgusting)…


So tonight, I was thinking about what to eat (since I finally… K.O. all the udon) , and I remembered them lonely in the fridge…

The junk food I bought over the weekend...Darn, I realize I am consuming way too much carbohydrates... all my snacks are made of rice or sweet potatoes =P

Mochi!!! My Iron Chef's secret ingredient for tonight!

Since I bought them from a junk food place, I attempted to eat one straight after I bought them… Little did I know they had to be cooked!! I mean, they are just plain tasteless rice cake.

This morning I asked around the office for Kirimochi recipes, most people told me to bake them in oven (don’t have) and eat with soy sauce (no either)… they also suggested putting into soup (OMFG, please no miso soup again~~~) or making dessert. M-san later sent me this link… and I brightened up when I saw this Natto Mochi dish! It said it required radish, soysauce, natto, etc. Whatever, I only had Natto at home and would try it nonetheless.

After a few minutes, mochi merged into ONE PIECE. And I randomly added 2 pieces of sausages...

It's really just sticky rice... cripsy on the outside.

Then I saw 2 bananas + 1 egg left in the fridge.... might as well cook them as well. One of the bananas fell to the ground as I was peeling it because it was too ripe. WASTED!

Here's a full shot of my semi-gross dinner... See Natto in the background!

Since the pack of mochi that I bought had no flavor to them, I had to think of plain-less ways to eat them (without soy sauce, miso soup of course).

Feel free to skip the following: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!  But here are my 101 7 ways XD (Please try it at your own risk)…

1. American HOT DOG style~ Can anything taste bad with sausage and ketchup?

2. Banana-Mochi Maki Roll =) Despite its look, it's delicious. Trust me.

3. With Natto, need I say more?

4. Roll it into a rice ball, Onigiri style... what's inside?

Ume(sour plum)!! My favorite, found my replacement for Ume onigiri!!

5. With mustard.... Natto comes with a pack of mustard, and I usually don't add it in. Tastes like some chewy sushi with wasabi...

6. You probably can't see it, but sprinkle some salt on.

7. Eat it plain! haha.

8-101. Wrap some mochi around whatever you get your hands on =P

What about the egg? You ask. Geez, it’s sunny side up… of course you eat it with nothing else!

Dessert time ~


After I’m done playing with my food, gonna talk about random things of the day…

After lunch I went to the Tea Area for a drink… and I started talking to this colleague from another team (he was one of the guys who explained his research to me at the Forum).

He found out I used to play the classical guitar, and recommended me to listen to Kazuhito Yamashita(山下和仁), he said the guy could do tremelo with his pinky finger!! lol

He also told me to listen to Zin-Say! and told me my friends would hate me if I liked them? I have yet to find out why though haha.

When I asked him about places to visit in Japan, he told me to go to this museum about Parasites in Meguro! OK, as much as I hate worms and stuff, I think I’ll brave myself into this. I’d love to visit weird places in Japan (did I mention I wanted to go inside the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama? Too bad it was very crowded that day)… Dammit, if I go out to Tokyo every weekend, I’m gonna be broke.