Was watching the Hong Kong Chief Elective debate tonight, looping the funny parts over and over. It’s more entertaining than any Jdoramas or comedies. The candidates are retards, and the show itself is a JOKE. HK citizens don’t get to vote in the election anyway, is there even a point in having a debate… besides exposing their lameness? It’s worse than any chinese debates that I’ve watched or participated in. But again, politics is the same everywhere- there’s no real democracy. I just wish Hong Kong can hang on for another five years… although, letting the public vote does not guarantee electing a capable CE. After all, they all just turn into puppets overtime.

I wish it’s translated into English, that way the international community can also enjoy the show.



MC 仁:陪跑,但能夠帶動氣氛。可惜無提到政綱,只顧質問另外兩位-俾位佢地遊花園。主線講普選-講真,一切已成定局,何不放眼現在或是未來5年?平反六四是重要,但解決燃眉之急的種種社會問題不是更逼切嗎?也許,他也是一味懂得喊民主,卻無實際建樹。


Hong Kong is doomed, no matter who gets appointed “elected”. 香港人唯有自求多福。