How do I live?

How Do I Live 

How do I get through one month without you?
If I had to live without you
What kind of life would that be?

Oh, I, I need you in my bank account, need you to live
You’re my world, my life, my food and if you’re ever missed
Baby you would take away everything good in my life
And tell me now

How do I shop without you? I want to know
How do I eat without you if you ever go?
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh, how do I live?

Without you there’d be no fun on weekend
There would be no cash in my life
There’d be no food left for me

And I, baby, I don’t know what I would do
I’d be lost if I lost you, if you’re ever missed
Baby, you would take away everything real in my life
And tell me now

How do I pay without you? I want to know
How do I eat without you if you ever go?
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh, how do I live?

Please, tell me, baby
How do I go on if you ever leave?
Baby, you would take away everything, I need you with me
Baby, don’t you know that you’re everything good in my life?
And tell me now

How do I live without you? I want to know
How do I pay bills without you if you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive?
How do I, how do I, oh, how do I live?

How do I live without you?
How do I live without you, baby?
How do I live?


I think I’m cursed. I have no pay cheque, my internet is cut, and my bills are due in a few days. Worst of all, I only have 20000 yen left.

I thought I had brought enough cash to survive for one month. And I was right, I just didn’t expect by the time I set up my bank account, I would miss the pay day (20th). They said the worst case scenario would be I wouldn’t get paid until the next month 😥

Let’s do some math… I still have 20000 in my pocket.

Rent is exactly 10000, half gone.

I just received my water and electricity bills…. around 5000 yen. So I still have 5000 left with all bills paid off. Darn, I have never been in any financial crisis in my life.

It is impossible to live in Japan with only 5000 yen for a month. IMPOSSIBLE!

Let’s put things into perspective, I add a 5000 yen charge to my PASMO card (transit smartcard) every week… This is because round trip to work costs roughly 800 yen a day=> 4000 yen five days. Plus I have Japanese class in Yokohama once a week. Oh god, either I send an SOS to get my parents wiring some $$$ to save my butt, or I cross my fingers+toes that I would receive some money pretty soon.

Meanwhile, I should start keeping a budget and eat only one meal a day…

I bought this MUCH food to stock up my fridge... of course that's before knowing I was in some major financial crisis. You think this can last me a month?

Let’s see what I have been cooking lately… Cooking really doesn’t save much, especially when fresh produce is so damn pricy. However, bento boxes are expensive and oily.


So.. that thing was a potato... I actually ate a whole bag of potatoes in one day, and nothing else

A piece of Japanese Donut a colleague gave me... I ate that for dinner instead.

Cheese Hotpot?! No... i wish... it's just Mochi in soup 😛

Curry Spagetti with a big piece of chicken breast and some carrots. This may look good, but you would never guess what happened to it before...

This is when I was cooking the spagetti... I later pour all the carrots and onions into the boiling pot too! You know how after cooking the pasta, the water needs to be spilled? What happened was.. I was using the pot cover to pour out the water, but accidentally spilled EVERYTHING into the sink instead! I startled for a moment, but decided to eat them still. At the end I put everything back into the pot, washed with some tap water... and cooked again with some curry sauce.

Left over spagetti with ketchup this time.... I also made TamagoYaki!!

Simple ingredients... 2 eggs, some salt, soy sauce and Dashi (Japanese fish stock)... You can add some sugar if you prefer sweet tamago.

After mixing the eggs, put 1/3 into the pan to form a thin layer... start rolling

Push the egg roll on one side of pan, add the rest of the mixture in.. and roll again until cooked! Finally, slice into pieces and enjoy!

Tonight's dinner... Fried udon in soy sauce and some veggies...

Also opened the Mentaiko (明太子)that I bought...

First time eating plain Mentaiko (usually have it in Onigiri...) It's really salty, and to be honest, kinda gross. I would imagine going well with rice though.

So I added it to my Natto instead... Please don't try, it got more disgusting.

Some super delicious pineapple for dessert ;D it's quite cheap too, 165 yen for the entire pineapple... With 165 yen, one can only buy 1.5 apples >.<""

Anyway, I woke up last Saturday and found internet on all my devices had stopped working…

Pocket-Wifi reads "No Service"...

I hurried to Kojima- an electric store literally NEXT to my place, and where I got my pocket wifi. The guy called E-Mobile (the carrier) for me and they explained they cut off my service because I did not taken action after receiving the “THANK YOU LETTER”. OK, what Thank You letter?? Turned out they got my address wrong… so it never got sent to the right place. And the Customer Support line was closed on the weekend. So I had to wait until Today… The Kojima guy gave me a call in the afternoon and told me to call their Customer Support number myself. OK, the number did not work! Because apparently Monday is a holiday for their English Service… WTF? OK, I will wait until tomorrow if I don’t get my internet back, I will complain (in English of course) until they give me some discount back!

So meanwhile, how do I go online and make this post? They say… One door closes, the other opens. This is so true… When I found out I couldn’t connect on Saturday… I was devastated, so I decided to try my luck to connect to near by wifi- but all had encryption. But guess what? I was lucky to guess the right “password” for one of them… and now I’m borrowing the person’s WIFI. It’s slow, but I am really thankful already.


This is a key chain made by O-san's wife, whom I met yesterday when I joined their family to visit Hakkeijima (八景島). Those charms are "candies" and she thought I like food decors since my wallet is "cheeseburger", coin pouch is "watermelon" and key chain is "donut" lol Little did she know my mirror is "chocolate" as well.

So last night I was really tired from the day trip, and went to sleep after dinner without taking off my contact lenses!!!

And this morning, I couldn’t open my eyes or see anything!!!

JK =) I was fine, they were slightly dry and good news is I am finally used to wearing contacts for long hours (24+ hrs seriously). But I still prefer glasses… Putting on and cleaning contact lenses are just too troublesome!


The weirdest candy drops…

Some stickies craziness.. it's now a part of an "artwork" on display in one of the rooms

In my office, people use stickies a lot… to brainstorm, or even when chatting – someone would actually take out a pad of stickies and start writing on it. I personally just use them for doodling, since I hate messing up my notebook… plus you never know who’s gonna peek into it 😀

But today, I have found another use for these post-its…

I never touched these cans until today...

These cans of candy drops have always been piling up on a tray right at the bookshelf next to my desk. I never touched them, because I thought they were just empty, perhaps a collection of the desk owner (I am actually just borrowing her desk temporarily until she gets back from pregnancy leave). Not until today my colleagues asked me why hadn’t I tried any!!!

There are about 30 unique flavours, each was bought from a different city in Japan. There are a few normal ones, such as Mango, Apple, Sakura, beer… but that’s about it. The rest ranges from Okinawa flavors (Awamori, Goya) to Hokkaido’s (Lamb,  potato w/ butter) to fishy things like Mentaiko (明太子). Extreme, eh? According to my colleagues, only those classified as “normal” have tolerable tastes. Which is why- everytime someone tries a new flavour, they would rate the candy on a sticky note. BTW, most of them have pretty disgusting tastes, since like 70% are imitating salty food.

There’s really not much food that I dislike, back in Vancouver I’m usually the one to clean up all the expired food. So I asked for the nastiest flavour possible. They thought for a while and concluded that pretty much all those 70% are right on par with each other.

So at the end I picked an unopened can, something that looked like Unagi Don (鰻丼)… but they told me it’s a similar but different kind of fish.

Anyhow, the very second it landed in my mouth… I could smell a weird odor. Basically smelt like century old vomit… but the taste was about right, salty and fishy (not fresh sashimi, think dead fish). It brought back all the memories of eating Harry Potter jelly beans. I had an urge to spit it out, but I didn’t want to lose face in front of my colleagues… so I pretended and kept saying Oiiishiiiiiiiii!!! They were pretty surprised actually, and said I was lucky to taste a decent abnormal flavor on my first try. RIGHT.

Then I turned my back to grab a sticky note (meanwhile secretly spitting it into my cup of greentea), and ranked it as SUPER OISHII…

Throughout the day, two colleagues tried it after seeing my sticky 😀

OK, though I think it wouldn’t taste good either. I sort of want to try Takoyaki flavor, too bad my colleagues said they couldn’t find it at Osaka.

I think I will start collecting these drops from now on (a colleague reminds me they make perfect souvenirs for friends, great idea :P). Top of my most wanted list is Wasabi (of course disguised as Matcha flavor or something).

Now i wish they are real food… maybe the japanese should take the next step to put real nutrients in them.


The Ramen place I went to in Yokohama after Japanese lesson. I love those order vending machines, that way I didn't have to order verbally

850 yen for Ramen, rice and Gyoza.

My ramen.. Salt (塩) flavor with hot sauce... The soup base was too thick to my liking, but I loved the noodles! they were fine like Angel Hair pasta.

My Gyoza and unlimited side dishes (bean sprouts, salted veggie). Ramen could be refilled too, I believe without charge.


Funny thing during Jap lesson… My teacher asked me where I would like to go during the Golden Week. I heard from some people that flying to Korea is actually cheaper since most Japanese prefer travelling within the country. I meant to tell her かんこく(韓国), which is “Korea” in Japanese… but I pronounced it as かんごく(監獄), which means JAIL. LMAO.

Anyway, I have a new goal to learn at least 3 new Japanese words each day… Here are what I’m taught today:

モテキ(?no kanji)- “mo-te-ki”, means a prime time period of a guy/gal’s life where he/she suddenly becomes so attractive (to the opposite sex I assume?)… N-san told me Japanese believe everyone experience 3 “motekis” in their life.

ハンコックき(反抗期)-  means puberty…

こうねんき(更年期)- means menopause….

けんけつ(献血)- means blood donation…

Last but not least….

My beloved Clearly Contacts "Free" glasses: Aug 2011- Feb 2012.

Well, the arm actually broke off a week before I came to Japan.. but I glued it back and it was fine until yesterday.

So I was playing badminton … and somehow when trying to make a save, I lost balance and fell toward the net… my glasses were knocked off and here they are now…

I will try reviving them with Krazy Glue tonight.

101 ways to eat Kiri-Mochi (切り餅)

I am officially sick of udon...

Seriously, I have been eating the same thing for dinner lately that I don’t even wanna post it – Udon+pumpkin+carrots+onion+egg+miso… yes, they’re all the ingredients I have ( I run out of meat), and I throw ’em all in.  Why don’t I eat something else? There’s really no room for variation when,

1. Your brain is too tired to think

2. You don’t really know how to cook

3. Your big lot of food is expiring VERY soon

4. You live alone and it’s either you who eat it or the garbage can

And I ate 3 bananas yesterday because they were turning bad. I still have 5 grapefruits left( which I thought were oranges when I bought them)….

Dear Mom: I finally understand how hard it is to cook dishes… I will try not to say “Why are we eating this again?” to you in the future.

I could buy Bento from the 24 hr supermart nearby, but- The food is costy and it tastes no better than what I cook (not trying to bloat here, it’s THAT disgusting)…


So tonight, I was thinking about what to eat (since I finally… K.O. all the udon) , and I remembered them lonely in the fridge…

The junk food I bought over the weekend...Darn, I realize I am consuming way too much carbohydrates... all my snacks are made of rice or sweet potatoes =P

Mochi!!! My Iron Chef's secret ingredient for tonight!

Since I bought them from a junk food place, I attempted to eat one straight after I bought them… Little did I know they had to be cooked!! I mean, they are just plain tasteless rice cake.

This morning I asked around the office for Kirimochi recipes, most people told me to bake them in oven (don’t have) and eat with soy sauce (no either)… they also suggested putting into soup (OMFG, please no miso soup again~~~) or making dessert. M-san later sent me this link… and I brightened up when I saw this Natto Mochi dish! It said it required radish, soysauce, natto, etc. Whatever, I only had Natto at home and would try it nonetheless.

After a few minutes, mochi merged into ONE PIECE. And I randomly added 2 pieces of sausages...

It's really just sticky rice... cripsy on the outside.

Then I saw 2 bananas + 1 egg left in the fridge.... might as well cook them as well. One of the bananas fell to the ground as I was peeling it because it was too ripe. WASTED!

Here's a full shot of my semi-gross dinner... See Natto in the background!

Since the pack of mochi that I bought had no flavor to them, I had to think of plain-less ways to eat them (without soy sauce, miso soup of course).

Feel free to skip the following: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!  But here are my 101 7 ways XD (Please try it at your own risk)…

1. American HOT DOG style~ Can anything taste bad with sausage and ketchup?

2. Banana-Mochi Maki Roll =) Despite its look, it's delicious. Trust me.

3. With Natto, need I say more?

4. Roll it into a rice ball, Onigiri style... what's inside?

Ume(sour plum)!! My favorite, found my replacement for Ume onigiri!!

5. With mustard.... Natto comes with a pack of mustard, and I usually don't add it in. Tastes like some chewy sushi with wasabi...

6. You probably can't see it, but sprinkle some salt on.

7. Eat it plain! haha.

8-101. Wrap some mochi around whatever you get your hands on =P

What about the egg? You ask. Geez, it’s sunny side up… of course you eat it with nothing else!

Dessert time ~


After I’m done playing with my food, gonna talk about random things of the day…

After lunch I went to the Tea Area for a drink… and I started talking to this colleague from another team (he was one of the guys who explained his research to me at the Forum).

He found out I used to play the classical guitar, and recommended me to listen to Kazuhito Yamashita(山下和仁), he said the guy could do tremelo with his pinky finger!! lol

He also told me to listen to Zin-Say! and told me my friends would hate me if I liked them? I have yet to find out why though haha.

When I asked him about places to visit in Japan, he told me to go to this museum about Parasites in Meguro! OK, as much as I hate worms and stuff, I think I’ll brave myself into this. I’d love to visit weird places in Japan (did I mention I wanted to go inside the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama? Too bad it was very crowded that day)… Dammit, if I go out to Tokyo every weekend, I’m gonna be broke.

R&D Forum & After Work Party

My alarm clock somehow ended up like this on Friday morning. Thank god I didn't have to wake up at 6am like usual.

Friday was the last day of my internship company’s R&D Forum, which was a three day event to showcase their research and prototypes. Most of my colleagues attended all 3 days, since they had to station at our team’s booth to explain their research to the public. I went on Friday, and was free to walk around the exhibit to understand different research areas.

N-san and I left our dorm at 10am, and it took roughly 2 hours to get to Musashino (武蔵野), where the event was held…. It involved transferring for 3 trains and 1 bus.  o(>< )o

After the train rides, we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch.... we both ordered this: Omelette rice set with grapefruit juice (It's really sour, I miss my Tropicana Pink Grapefruit juice)..

The event was held in this building on the Musashino campus. Next to the building was a Museum about the company's technologies in the past, but I didn't have time to visit =(

N-san told me she had to come to the Musashino office quite often, for training purposes. お疲れ様です!

The resting area at the forum. I didn't think taking photos of the booths was a great idea..

I arrived there around 1:45pm and received my guest pass+package.

The event spanned three floors, but only the top and bottom floors had exhibitions. There were talks whichI did not attend since I couldn’t understand anything.

We first went to our team’s booth at the basement floor- half of the members were standing there, they were busy explaining/demo-ing. So after greeting them, I began setting off to visit other booths.

Booths at the basement area mostly belong to cyber solutions research- ranging from network security, cryptography to multi-media and data management…

The first booth I went to set up cameras around the exhibit area, those were 360 degree cameras with mirrors in them… the researcher held up his tablet (of course not iPad, but a Docomo device) and by tilting and moving the tablet, he could view different direction/area of the field. I thought it’d be a cool surveillance tool, but he said their goal was to apply to entertainment systems. He provided me with an example-

“Do you know AKB?” he asked.

“Yes.”  (in fact, when I was on the train that day, I saw their faces printed on those “hand holding plastic loops” thingies on the train, ya know what I mean…)

“So you know there are many members, right? If we use this technology, then people can open up a poster or something, and view each member by moving their tablets/phones!” He beamed.

“Why not just use fingers to pinch and zoom then?” I wondered.

“It’s less interactive, and less- interesting.”

“Oh,ha-haha, cool.” After thanking him, I walked away. 

Otaku (お宅) alert!!! Apparently, there are many Otakus at the company. Otaku has a really broad definition (besides Anime, Manga, AKB48 etc) … for example, a guy on my team is a “Train” Otaku, another is a “Gadgets” Otaku, one is an “Origami” Otaku!!!

I still remember when I first met this guy from another team, the first thing he asked me was “Otaku??”  >.<“” – did I look/dress like one ?


Anyway, I saw some interesting booths that day, those who aren’t interested can skip straight to the next part.

  • A tool to analyse a 2-D photo of a person and generate 3-D avatar from it- capable of simulating speech movement
  • A real-time translation system during phone call (too bad it’s a synthesized voice)
  • Multi-core optic fibre to speed up network speed
  • Satellite technology for disaster reporting (this is particularly useful for a country like Japan)
  • Quantum memory (difficult but interesting topic!)
  • Video analysis to determine emotions (actually done by the team next to mine!)
  • Video watermarking (like QR code but on TV)
  • Another video processing technology to analyse a video of a lecture on blackboard.. and break up the video by topics/chapters!
  • Education system with tablet (the guy was really enthusiastic, but too bad didn’t get a lot of govt support due to pressure from textbook publishing companies)
  • Using fluid motion patterns on a screen can trick your brain to neglect electronic hand writing latency (hard to explain, but cool demo!)
That day, I met quite a few people from other teams of the Yokosuka Office. Was surprised most of them knew I was the new intern student from Canada.

I did not get to visit every single booth (I didn’t even rest at all)… some were interesting but had no real/immediate application. But I guess this is what research is like- it takes years to develop a technology and put it into good use. Any of the research I saw that day could be a revolutionary product in the future.


Things I got from the day...

The event ended at 5pm, so I went to meet up with the team. After packing up, we filled out this survey and received a solar keychain torch in return!

 Our team’s after party was held at a Okinawa restaurant in Kichijoji (吉祥寺), a town that’s voted as the most desirable place to live in Tokyo.

The outside of the restaurant

There were 8 of us at the party, my supervisor couldn’t attend as he had a meeting at some university. It was still fun, nonetheless, and OMG, it’s Okinawa food!! Okinawa is the place that I want to visit the most in Japan!!

Like most bars, it's all you can drink- look at the drink menu! the dish at middle is some seaweed in vinegar.

Food to nibble on when drinking. Tofuyo (豆腐餻), pig ears (豚耳), tofu with salted fishes.

My colleagues were surprised that I have had Tofuyo before. Well, it’s similar to 腐乳 in Chinese food, also fermented in some sort of alcohol. Except in Okinawa, they use Awamori (泡盛) instead.

Our group leader was half hour late to the place, because she made the mistake of getting on the wrong train  (looks like japanese make that mistake too XD)

Umi Budou (海ぷどうSea grape) with tuna tataki salad- Umi Buto tastes just like Tobiko/caviar!! Loved it!!!

Pancakes made of squid ink! tasted like Korean's seafood pancakes.

On the left is stirfry with Spam, right side is some deep fried fish+veggie

There were 3 more dishes which I forgot to take photos of: Stone pot rice with meat+veggie (similar to Korean’s Bibimbap), Fat pork stew Okinawa style =), and Goya Chanpuru (Bitter melon stirfry) All food was delicious!!! Some of them I’ve never tried before, and I probably wouldn’t try by myself!

At the party, 6 were ladies and 2 were guys. All were strong drinkers (called “Nombe”  in Japanese), except me and the two guys lol

They all drank without showing any signs, when my cheeks were riingo red after my 2nd drink!

Since we were at a Okinawa restaurant, I tried some special drinks…

To start off, I had a regular beer.. then I had my favorite plum wine (Okinawa brown sugar flavor), the famous rice Awamori (it was too bitter for my taste), Shoju with Jasmine tea (weird mix, barely tasted the alcohol… but a nice cool down after the strong awamori).

My last drink was the best !! Shikuwasa (a citrus fruit in Okinawa) beer!!! What a refreshing and perfect drink to end the long day…

I finally understand why Japanese enjoy having after work parties so much- they are really stressed from long day of work, considering it’s normal for people to work 10+hours a day. And having a beer at the end of the day is just refreshing! Drinking and having convos is a good way to have fun with the entire team. At our table, our group leader and I were talking about Korean dramas … while the other table were singing some Anime songs and playing Okinawa comedy shows on smartphones XD

It was snowing when we stepped out of the restaurant.

We walked to the Kijichoji station and began our 2 hour ride home…  Transferred at the Tokyo station (the biggest station in Japan) and Yokohama was nothing compared to how crowded it was!! Mind you, it was almost 12 am at night!

Bank Account

Today was the day to pick up my Gaijin card (foreigner’s ID), after waiting for more than 2 weeks.

Without the card, it’s impossible to get cell phone, bank account… and I went through leaps just to get my internet set up last week.

Empty bus... what do you expect? Nobody would leave this early!

So I left office at around 2pm, since the bank closed at 4pm… I had to set up an account immediately after getting my Gaijin card. I just don’t get why the bank has to close this early!? And they don’t open on weekends!! This got me really confused, I thought this was Japan, not Canada…..

Took a picture of the company building.

This dull looking building is one of the company’s laboratories. It’s huge, but I’ve only set my feet on 4 places: my office, restaurant, cafeteria and the lady’s washroom. I will perhaps go to the badminton court next week though.

After getting off the Yokosuka Chuo station, I began walking to the City Hall…

What the hell is Happy Science

Saw this building standing amongst apartments… “Happy Science”, I was wondering if it’s a museum or a branch of Scientology? XD

Saw some cute elementary kids.

Only first year elementary school students would wear yellow caps. They are really Kawaii, I mean the caps lol. Kids from other grades wear caps of other (blue?) colors. Seeing cliques of them walking home from school made me wonder where their parents/grandparents were? They seem very independent. Hong Kong kids their age either get picked up by school bus or maid or grandparents. I hadn’t commuted to school on my own until I was in Grade 7!

Soon I realized I was walking the total opposite direction from the City Hall…… I should have taken out my GPS sooner.

A tiny garden by the post office/bank.

Picking up the card was smooth sailing… Since I thought I had all the time in the world as it was just barely 3pm, I took a walk around a small park.

Kids at the playground.... geez, their moms shouldn't bring them out, it's freezing outside.

It's a small bank inside the city's post office.

There weren’t many people… I didn’t wait long before a guy approached me, who provided me an application form. I was asked if I wanted a cash card or credit card. Since there’s no fee for the credit card, the answer was pretty obvious. I have to pay my internet bills anyway, don’t wanna use my Canadian one since it charges 2% extra for exchange rate. Just when I’m about to be done with the forms, he asked me to fill in my phone number. But I have NO PHONE, I just got my Gaijin card… like 15 mins ago! He said he was sorry about I could only get a cash card today. I told him I could run to Yokosuka Chuo to get a cell contract, and returned to proceed with credit card. He glanced at the clock and said Sumimasen. Grrrr, damn, it’s 3:40pm and they were closing soon. But I didn’t want to return for a second time during office hour. So, I gave in… As they were getting my application ready, I had an idea. I used the office number instead and told them I would change it after getting a cell phone. 10 minutes later, I walked out of the bank with my new passbook. The card will arrive approx 3 weeks later, as a background check is to be done.

I had to walk back to my dorm since I deposited all my $ on me to the account. After grabbing some cash, I walked to Yokosuka Chuo again… this time to set up a pre-paid cell phone. I went to Softbank first, they told me their prepaid phones are sold out ORZ…. I went to AU next. And after lining up for half an hour… they told me they only sold sim cards and I had to buy a prepaid cell phone first! Unfortunately, they weren’t selling any! It drove me crazy and I almost gave up on getting a cell… I mean, it’s not like I need to call. All I need is the internet anyway.

I couldn’t go home empty handed, could I? And the night was still young, so I went grocery shopping (again) at 3 different supermarkets… Bought some pumpkin and fruits.

Saw another AU store on my way home, so I decided to try my luck again. Geez, no one in that branch could speak English. So I used my limited Japanese to communicate with the girl… she couldn’t understand a thing, even when i was writing her Kanji! We both gave up and decided to dial for a English translator. Anyway, they didn’t sell it either so I wasted like 30 mins on this. I’m glad I’m in Yokosuka, where some Japanese can speak English. I don’t know how I would survive elsewhere… ><”

— Now, after some research… I still can’t decide on a pre-paid phone or a contract plan…

A. Pre-paid

  • Need to purchase a prepaid phone (~5000yen)
  • Need to put in 1000yen/month, otherwise, number gets cancelled
  • Every 6 seconds cost 10 yen…. so 1000 yen=10 mins.

B. 2 year Contract

  • 980yen/month, 25 “free” minutes
  • Free phone
  • Cancellation fee of 9760 yen

* No matter which route I opt for, I plan to sell my phone after…


Dinner tonight: Beef, pumpkin, carrot, onion, egg in Miso soup...

I have been snacking alot these days. I finished off 4 packs of those snack noodles last night.

Jap class tmr at Yokohama, gotta do some review now. Ciao!