<3 ESCape Valentine’s <3

Happy Valentine's to everyone! Yes, to you too, who don't have a Valentine...

The above photo was taken during my short trip to Asakusa (浅草) over the past weekend… which I hopefully will write about soon. I know I’ve been tired lazy the past few days, without keeping up with the posts.. It feels like a snowball effect now, as I didn’t post ANYTHING about my doings during the past 2 weekends in Japan… You know how that feel? It’s like 2nd week of a new school term (I often get behind after the first week XD)

Back to the photo, shall we? It’s not an impressive one… but my POINT is… look at the old man! He looks like he’s in his 70s… now to the “old” lady. WTF?! She is in her 30s at MOST!!! I thought to myself. After snapping the pic, I speed walked ahead of her– just to catch a glimpse. NEVERMIND! she’s in her 50s with her makeup on… which means 50+20=70 years old at least. This reminds me of a famous composer(excuse me, those who aren’t Chinese, please skip this paragraph)=> 貝多芬 Beethoven. Why him? Cuz it sounds the same as “背多分” , which literally means “從背後看加多D分”. Now, I just wish my mother can be as chic as her… at least from the back! JK, mom.

Anyhow, I have been observing lately on trains,street, company, etc. About 98% of Japanese female sample population that I’ve observed wear makeup. The other 2% are either children, some school girls (who probably aren’t allowed to), or pets. I would have to say though, even pets are dressed nicer than me! At least they aren’t wearing washed out Tees or wrinkled pants. Maybe it’s cold outside, their owners put super cool jackets and bottoms on them. I wonder if I will run into pets wearing swimsuits in the summer. I was checking out the prices of Mascara the other day, even the cheapest ones (not counting 100 yen store) cost around 2000 yen. Of course, I’m too broke to buy them.

My conclusion is: No wonder Japanese makeup companies, like Kao/Shiseido, will never go bankrupt. Getting a job at there will be like getting a gov’t job.


So, today’s Valentine’s. It’s all about love chocolates, here in Japan. Think of it like Halloween in Canada.

A few days ago when I was at Yokohama station, I saw many booths set up selling chocolates! Sometimes I just don’t get why girls buy chocolates, melt them and turn them into heart shapes. Too many steps! Why not use a knife to cut a heart out? or better yet, just leave the piece of chocolate the way it is… Should taste the same, if not better.

So today after lunch, the company restaurant gave out some cute chocolates, I had one. A while after we got back to our office, I heard my female colleagues were laughing and walking around the room. So I was like “What’s going on?”. My neighbour waved at me and handed me a box of chocolates- By natural reaction, of course I said “Arigato–” OOPS. “It’s not for you”, she said. It was for my supervisor and she told me to hand it to him! Oh well, what a let down lol. Apparently, all the girls got chocolates for every guy on the team. I didn’t know Japanese girls are so keen on giving out chocolates to guys on Valentine’s! My supervisor and I later chatted, we both agreed that Valentine’s Day should be renamed to “Meiji’s Day” or something, because it is like the day of crazy sales for chocolate companies like Meiji. “What about us girls, it’s so unfair…” I commented. He told me not to worry, as there’d be a White Valentine’s Day in March =) Double profits for Meiji!


Dinner of the night.

Yay, I cooked my first real dinner tonight (no more instant noodles). Beef udon in Miso soup, with onion and egg. It’s really just dumping everything in. Notice I’m also drinking veggies juice and consuming a fruit! Man, it feels so good to eat healthy again.  No more bento, at least for the week.

Some realizations:

1. I put too much water, I think I got full by drinking the miso soup

2. I cooked half of the beef I bought yesterday… but most of it shrank and disappeared after cooking.

3. A pack of miso is cheaper than a pack of salt… maybe I should season everything with Miso instead.

4. Yesterday, N-san told me that… japanese girls NEVER go eat at Beef Bowl places alone. WHAT, I did…. like at least 3 times. I asked her why, she said girls usually didn’t want people to think they were meat lovers? OK, I don’t care, I am declaring myself as a meat-getarian.

Forgot to mention, I spent 24USD yesterday to upgrade my Flickr to pro account… since I went over the photo uploading limit- my brother reminded me, I should have scaled down my photos. Too late now, maybe I should start enjoying all the pro features there XD