Mesmerized by Fujisan, Part 1: Shibazakura

Night view of Kawaguchiko (河口湖)

OK, Fuji-goko (富士五湖)is not on my travel wish list… It all starting with reading this post from a blog that I frequent in the middle of last week. WOW, I thought, I would like to see Mt. Fuji from this paradise too. OK, I can occasionally spot Mt. Fuji from the office… but this is certainly different… where you feel like you’re just right under the mountain, and it’s decorated by a carpet of Shibazakura(Mos Phlox, 芝桜). And the Shibazakura Festival event lasted until May 27th… which meant, either I went last weekend or I would forever miss the chance to see such a beautiful sight. However, I did not plan the trip until Friday night… because I was caught up with work, and I was uncertain about the weather during the weekend. People say there is no point going if you can’t see Mt. Fuji- because even on a clear and sunny day, Fuji-san may still be blocked by clouds, due to its altitude. The best season to visit would be in winter, while summer (June/July) is the worst because it’s a stormy season. One of my colleagues said she visited twice, but she missed Fuji both times. What a pity!

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2 hours in Yokohama

Early morning's Fuji-san

Got to work this morning and saw this beautiful scene, no clouds blocking thanks to the rain yesterday. The ocean view reminds me that I haven’t had a chance to visit the Mikasa Park or walk along the sea walk (altho it’s only 5 mins away from my dormitory). Gotta take a morning jog this Sunday….

Left work early at 5:30pm to go to Yokohama… because today was my first Japanese lesson with M-san’s mother. Since I still haven’t received my Gaijin card, I have no cellular phone. M-san had to take a photo of me to show her mother, so she could meet me at the Yokohama station. The trip took exactly 1 hr, and I had no problem spotting her mother at all (They look 80% alike). Although M-san’s mom (will call her sensei from now on) lives in Yokohama, her house is actually 1.5 hour away from the Yokohama station… so it’s sort of like the midpoint between us. Sensei teaches foreigners part time, and her English is fluent (just as her daughter)… She looked stylish for her age and was very nice to pay for my drink at the Bagel place, which was the “classroom”. The lesson was 1.5 hour and costs 2000 yen… she said she already gave me a discount since I was a student lol But when I think about it, it’s actually not that expensive, consider she probably need to spend ard 800 yen for a roundtrip. She brought a book and told me to buy it after the lesson. I didn’t… because I only had 100o yen on me after paying her, plus I have the ebook for it. However, I think I will buy it tmr after work since it’d be more convenient if I can write directly on the book. I was really tired after work today, so even though the stuff she went over was a “review” for me… I still made mistakes here and there. Maybe weekday lesson isn’t a good idea after all. I initially prefer weekday because I thought I would go for weekend trips to other prefectures… However, my current plan is to hang around Yokohama over weekends.. since train fee is cheaper, and the city is huge… I have not seen most of it yet. It just doesnt make sense to pay 800 yen round trip simply for a 1.5hr lesson.

I have seen good reviews of this pork cutlet place.

Anyway, was gonna have dinner at Yokohama before heading back… but I only had 1000 yen on me, and average food around the station area easily costs over that amount. Too bad, gonna save some $$ before trying the Tonkatsu T_T

Lost at a station....

It was almost 9:30pm and I went to the wrong station again. It’s because I forgot the Rapid train wouldn’t stop at my station.

So I was starving in the cold...

finally got on an empty train.

Had Jap-styled risotto as dinner, 399 yen. Not worth it, should have ordered the salad+soup+rice combo for 290 yen... which is pretty much salad+risotto

Bought some sweets as dessert after dinner. Green tea/redbean mochi and Sakura flavored buns. Notice the pack of Natto? I'm gonna give it another chance =P


As promised, I took a photo of my flooding washroom.Notice how my flipflops are floating… I tried to snap a photo with water ripples, couldn’t get the timing right. But I think the water reflection is clear enough.

Solve this math problem: What's the volume of water when a 1 square metre area is flooded with approx 2cm of water?

Hope it’ll be fixed soon.

Anyway, thinking of going to Tokyo (Shinjuku maybe) over the weekend. Hm, should I?