Bank Account

Today was the day to pick up my Gaijin card (foreigner’s ID), after waiting for more than 2 weeks.

Without the card, it’s impossible to get cell phone, bank account… and I went through leaps just to get my internet set up last week.

Empty bus... what do you expect? Nobody would leave this early!

So I left office at around 2pm, since the bank closed at 4pm… I had to set up an account immediately after getting my Gaijin card. I just don’t get why the bank has to close this early!? And they don’t open on weekends!! This got me really confused, I thought this was Japan, not Canada…..

Took a picture of the company building.

This dull looking building is one of the company’s laboratories. It’s huge, but I’ve only set my feet on 4 places: my office, restaurant, cafeteria and the lady’s washroom. I will perhaps go to the badminton court next week though.

After getting off the Yokosuka Chuo station, I began walking to the City Hall…

What the hell is Happy Science

Saw this building standing amongst apartments… “Happy Science”, I was wondering if it’s a museum or a branch of Scientology? XD

Saw some cute elementary kids.

Only first year elementary school students would wear yellow caps. They are really Kawaii, I mean the caps lol. Kids from other grades wear caps of other (blue?) colors. Seeing cliques of them walking home from school made me wonder where their parents/grandparents were? They seem very independent. Hong Kong kids their age either get picked up by school bus or maid or grandparents. I hadn’t commuted to school on my own until I was in Grade 7!

Soon I realized I was walking the total opposite direction from the City Hall…… I should have taken out my GPS sooner.

A tiny garden by the post office/bank.

Picking up the card was smooth sailing… Since I thought I had all the time in the world as it was just barely 3pm, I took a walk around a small park.

Kids at the playground.... geez, their moms shouldn't bring them out, it's freezing outside.

It's a small bank inside the city's post office.

There weren’t many people… I didn’t wait long before a guy approached me, who provided me an application form. I was asked if I wanted a cash card or credit card. Since there’s no fee for the credit card, the answer was pretty obvious. I have to pay my internet bills anyway, don’t wanna use my Canadian one since it charges 2% extra for exchange rate. Just when I’m about to be done with the forms, he asked me to fill in my phone number. But I have NO PHONE, I just got my Gaijin card… like 15 mins ago! He said he was sorry about I could only get a cash card today. I told him I could run to Yokosuka Chuo to get a cell contract, and returned to proceed with credit card. He glanced at the clock and said Sumimasen. Grrrr, damn, it’s 3:40pm and they were closing soon. But I didn’t want to return for a second time during office hour. So, I gave in… As they were getting my application ready, I had an idea. I used the office number instead and told them I would change it after getting a cell phone. 10 minutes later, I walked out of the bank with my new passbook. The card will arrive approx 3 weeks later, as a background check is to be done.

I had to walk back to my dorm since I deposited all my $ on me to the account. After grabbing some cash, I walked to Yokosuka Chuo again… this time to set up a pre-paid cell phone. I went to Softbank first, they told me their prepaid phones are sold out ORZ…. I went to AU next. And after lining up for half an hour… they told me they only sold sim cards and I had to buy a prepaid cell phone first! Unfortunately, they weren’t selling any! It drove me crazy and I almost gave up on getting a cell… I mean, it’s not like I need to call. All I need is the internet anyway.

I couldn’t go home empty handed, could I? And the night was still young, so I went grocery shopping (again) at 3 different supermarkets… Bought some pumpkin and fruits.

Saw another AU store on my way home, so I decided to try my luck again. Geez, no one in that branch could speak English. So I used my limited Japanese to communicate with the girl… she couldn’t understand a thing, even when i was writing her Kanji! We both gave up and decided to dial for a English translator. Anyway, they didn’t sell it either so I wasted like 30 mins on this. I’m glad I’m in Yokosuka, where some Japanese can speak English. I don’t know how I would survive elsewhere… ><”

— Now, after some research… I still can’t decide on a pre-paid phone or a contract plan…

A. Pre-paid

  • Need to purchase a prepaid phone (~5000yen)
  • Need to put in 1000yen/month, otherwise, number gets cancelled
  • Every 6 seconds cost 10 yen…. so 1000 yen=10 mins.

B. 2 year Contract

  • 980yen/month, 25 “free” minutes
  • Free phone
  • Cancellation fee of 9760 yen

* No matter which route I opt for, I plan to sell my phone after…


Dinner tonight: Beef, pumpkin, carrot, onion, egg in Miso soup...

I have been snacking alot these days. I finished off 4 packs of those snack noodles last night.

Jap class tmr at Yokohama, gotta do some review now. Ciao!