Come and Go

Second round of drinking at M-san and H-san’s Farewell Party.

‘Tis is the season when new hires come and old members are relocated to other group companies. During this month,two members left our team and two newcomers arrived. In roughly a month’s time, it’ll be my turn to say my farewell to all these wonderful people. My time here in Japan is really slipping away now… Looking at the calendar every morning reminds me of how much there is left to do.

Every stood up during the introductions of newcomers, and bid farewell to those who were leaving.

M-san decided to quit after working here for 7 years, because she recently married and her new home was just too far away from the workplace. I hope she’d enjoy being a full time housewife for now =) I will miss our lunch time Japanese talks, she’s really taught me a lot!

She burnt me two of Arashi’s album, since I told her I was a fan during high school. My gift to her was a Mickey Mouse plushie that I bought at DisneySea. She loves Mickey so much that even her email address says Mickey!

On M-san and H-san’s last day, we had a farewell party.

It was a shock to hear that H-san would be transferring to another group company. And it was such a short notice, she only found out two weeks prior to her last day here. It is actually a common thing for selected employees to be traded across group companies (mostly from lab to development team, usually seen as a promotion). In some cases, people had to relocate themselves to other far away prefectures. Luckily for H-san, her new office is in Tokyo… which means we still get to see her often. It’s interesting that her new position would be  business analyst/software architect, yet her background and research interests have little to do with software.

Saw this Fugu fish light at the bar. Had a bet with my supervisor on whether it’s real or not. I was wrong, and it was made with REAL fugu skin!

巨乳サワ. When I ordered this, everyone laughed because of the name… 巨乳 means “Big Breasts” XD – turned out it was 巨蜂+牛乳 (grape+milk)

H-san beamed with joy when she was given a scrapbook full of memories.

My supervisor was not pleased when he couldn’t find himself in the scrapbook (since he was on exchange in the US for a long while)- so someone drew him and stuck it in haha

The poor fish was served as sashimi… then its remain was deep fried to go with beer. It was good though.

The party ended at 9pm when the store owner rushed us out… so we went to another bar across the street for a second round.

M-san received a handmade stamp from A-san, who owns a online store selling crafts and stamps.

Most people get sleepy when they are drunk… in particular W-san. It was hilarious to see him struggling to open his eyelid , pretending to be actively listening to our convos… mumbling “なるほど” in between. 

Everyone had a fun time, drinking parties are simply the best! It’s good to see even the most taciturn member could talk so much after a drink or two!


It can get really hot in the office, especially when they sometimes shut off the AC to conserve energy. Received this fan from a colleague… I mainly use it to cool off my laptop though. Macs can get scorching hot!

K-san gave me this origami book… and it proves to be useful when I’m dozing off after lunch.Fold one and get back to work!


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