Some guy put this sunflower thingy by the office’s window, praying for the rain to stop.

Have not posted anything for a while. Posts are piling up, but I don’t have time to write them, or even upload photos. With slightly more than 2 months left in Japan, I’ve been working late and travelling my butt off. I guess those travel posts will have to wait until I get back to Canada. June is the typhoon season, so it’s been raining on and off for quite a while now. Trains were even delayed or stopped several days ago. Another Typhoon hit last Friday, and on my way to work, I saw this guy’s umbrella got ripped by the strong wind… so he just pulled the remains over himself and used it as raincoat lol My situation wasn’t much better either, pants were soaked… and I was wearing a pair of converse (dunno why I always wear the wrong shoes on the wrong days).

A colleague’s creation…. Super Mario!

This co-worker of mine is such a kidult. It brings a smile to my face every morning when I walk pass his cubical… He loves building things  with Lego and would change the design every few days during lunch break. He’s built Tokyo Skytree, and many other crazy things before. This monday, saw a Mario on his desk…

Today, when I walked by again. He’s expanded his creation with- a two-faced mushroom (green on the other side)… and look at the “ground”, it’s Luigi!


Now, gonnna make this postreal  quick and post some food photos recently.

Dinner at Yokohama several weeks ago. Deep Fried chicken with some sort of Mayo sauce. It’s called 南蠻雞

Yogurt drinks with Collagen that my colleague gave me. Collagen is supposed to be good for skin, but two huge pimples poped up on my face a day or two after having these. Um, maybe I should be blaming on my snacks consumption instead.

Went for Burger King one night with Azam, this guy wanted some unhealthy food… so I ended up eating BK first time here in Japan. Obviously one burger isn’t enough for my appetite, so I ordered another Whopper. I love the drink options here, they have Melon soda and Calpris!

Pasta with Tomato cream sauce with Potato salad. I loved it, no wonder this place always had a long lineup…. 

So the pasta was not that fulfilling, got myself some beard papa again… this time, coffee jelly flavor. 

A new intern came, so we went for all you can drink on his FIRST DAY. Originally he was gonna tag along with us to DisneySea, but guess he drank too much that night? Couldn’t get up the next day XD

First time to this place near where I live, they even used an iPad for drink/food ordering. Food quality was so-so… but they got some pretty good selection of alcoholic drinks. Especially liked the Korean sweet rice sake.

Bento food is life saver, esp on late wrk nights. Extremely hot that night, so bought a bottle of frozen lemonade.

M-san (left) would be leaving to be a FT housewife end of this week, so we had a farewell party for her… Many people were crying. I’ll miss her too.

We had Spanish cuisine that night… there were seafood rice, tortilla, shrimp in oil, salad, bread and MORE BREAD~ I never have enough food in these kind of parties, glad they served unlimited bread. As for drinks, so more sake/shoju of course- wine and Sangria instead. 

Another night at Yokohama, got drawn into this curry house by the poster =)

ordered their あすすめ (recommended) meal, chicken curry. Man, this was the best deep fried chicken I’ve had in Japan. The Curry wasn’t bad either! But dunno if it was me, or the portion was just small…

So I hopped to the Ramen place across, and ordered their Kumamoto Kuro-ramen (Black ramen).  As you can see, the soup base looked black, due to the oil they used. Another best! This just won my best-soup-base ramen award =) I drank the soup till the very last drop, something I rarely do. 

Bitter Gourd was on sale… so made goya-egg-potato on rice. Japanese Goya is really bitter, which is good. 

Finally, tonight’s dinner. Running out of food+ ideas, so just potatoes+onion+Bai-choi on rice. With lots of soy sauce!

Heading back to work+Japanese review. Have been reviewing Japanese consistently lately, let’s hope I can keep that up.


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  1. ~iv says:

    hahaha just dont bother bringing umbrellas, just wear a waterproof rain jacket or something… wow thats so cool that your company lets him build whatever he likes there, doesnt it like take up alot of workspace though? FOOD!!! no comment… just wish i can try all the food that you’ve tried… T_T LOL

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