Tonight’s Dinner: Spanish Egg Tortilla

This meal took the longest preparation time to date XD

Love how the sky is still bright when I leave work. It just feels like I have more time on hand… I loaded up my fridge with food last Friday after a grocery shopping spree, so it’s time to treat myself for a better meal. After dinner, I played with my new “toy” for a while and youtubed for a bit…. I love chill evenings like this.

When cooking dinners, I don’t usually use oil at all… well, it’s either miso soup noodles or miso soup w/ rice anyway. So the bottle of oil that I bought months ago still has 95% remaining. Potatoes, onions, eggs… perfect for using up some of that oil!

Pour lots of oil into the pot. Slice up 5 small potatoes, deep fry with an entire onion chopped. I cheated by boiling the potatoes first, to speed up the process.

Beat 4 eggs and pour into the potato/onion, after they are thoroughly cooked. I only had 3 eggs left, so wasn’t quite enough.

Covered with lid and let cook for 5 mins on one side. Do a flip and let the other side cook for several mins as well.

That’s it, yummy greasy fattening tortilla… sided with chicken breast with some lettuce (for decorative purpose, and make me feel less guilty about the meal)


Last week was pretty busy with work, so had no time to cook…. ended up eating bentos a lot.

Yaki-tori and Mentaiko flavored Okonomiyaki

Also had Mentaiko spaghetti, beef don w/ Hamburg, Tempura don w/ udon for other days… but did not take photos. Bentos are really cheap if bought after 8pm, when they would be half priced. On average, each meal only cost under 200yen!

It’s heating up here in Japan.. bought lots of popsicles last week. 200 yen for 10 – watermelon and melon flavors. The watermelon seeds are chocolates btw. =P


2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Spanish Egg Tortilla

  1. wow your tortilla looks good! really?? bentos are that cheap there? doesnt chocolate taste weird in a watermelon flavored popsicle?? but its better than real watermelon seeds i guess LOL

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