Dinner Disasters and etc.

Failed attempt (visually) to make Omu-rice last week. Eggs got burnt, even the ❤ looked ugly =(

This post is just a photolog of some of my disastersdinners last week. Plus I said I would try out Natto Miso Risotto. So read on to find out what it tastes like.

This is the fried rice base of the Omu-rice. Just used ketchup, Onion and Natto- anything tastes good with Ketchup anyway.

But I made too much rice… so the leftover would be for the next day. Perfect! More time to catch up with some shows.

Leftovers of course go into the microwave =D

Uh oh- the plastic box got melted by the Microwave. 

OK, I know what you are thinking. But I am not stupid enough to use a non-Microwavable container. In fact, this container had been in the MW multiple times with NOTHING happened to it…

I suspected what happened this time was the microwave setting that I used. I usually just randomly pressed a button because I wasn’t too sure how to read the labels. Apparently, I pressed the “Toast” button this time… so now the only plastic container I got is toasted ='( Gonna pick up another one at 100yen store some other day. Anyway, I don’t think I’d be using the Microwave again. Too dangerous.

Of course, I threw the rice away immediately… and decided to make Miso-Natto Risotto.

Cooking the rice in miso-soup. This took FOREVER because of my useless stove.

Added a pack of tofu.

Done! And I added a pack of Natto, with Red Miso Jelly fish at the center. I gotta say it looked pretty good. 

But the taste… was nasty. Because Risotto rice is already quite wet… adding Natto makes it more slimy. and the whole meal consists of too much soy (miso, natto, tofu).. not much flavour except for the yummy jelly fish.

I struggled to finish it.. plus I cooked a bit too much, as usual.

This is actually dinner for tonight. I cheated.

Look carefully, it’s not Udon.. It’s called Houtoほうとう(餺飥) Noodles… which is famous in the Yamanashi(山梨県) Prefecture. Besides its flatter and wider appearance, the taste and texture is also quite different from Udon. It’s less chewy, made from wheat and tastes more like dumpling skin… because the dough is actually prepared in the “dumpling” way. Houtou is usually served in Miso soup with veggies. I bought this during my weekend trip to the Kawaguchiko(河口湖) area in Yamanashi Prefecture (the package even comes with Miso!). Houtou is believed to have originated from China- even its name sounds similar to the Chinese “Wonton”. Anyway, this tastes pretty good and reminds me of the Chinese 刀削面 (knife-shaved-noodles).

Some desserts…. Belgium Waffles- cream cheese and matcha flavors. Pricy and taste was only average.

Bought Beard Papa again… So there are actually various flavors .. I just didn’t LOOK carefully enough last time.

Matcha, Strawberry and Mango! Not cream fillings, but Gelato! I was gonna just eat one and save the other two for other days… but they were just too good =D


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