Eclipse, Skytree and Risotto

People dressed in funky Skytree Costumes (Photo courtesy of

Yesterday, everybody was talking about the Solar Eclipse. Today, the talking point became the Tokyo Skytree, now the world’s tallest broadcasting tower. Obviously, I couldn’t go because of work. But I probably wouldn’t go up on a weekend either…

The different stages during the construction.  (Photo courtesy of

I heard the first person to get in had been lining up since last Friday (hey! it just sounds like our Boxing sales or iProduct releases). OK, so maybe he got himself on TV for like 5 seconds, but he definitely did not mark history by being the first person going up there. Because Lady Gaga went before him… Can’t beat the fame of Gaga eh?

The reason why Skytree was constructed (besides to beat the Canton Tower in GuangZhou to be the tallest tower in the world), was because the TV transmission of digital signal from Tokyo Tower was blocked by surrounding tall buildings, thus becomes insufficient for blanket coverage.

I caught the first glimpse of the Skytree when I was visiting Asakusa. And I had wanted to visit once it’s completed because of the Jdorama 犬を飼うということ. So, why don’t I want to visit anymore? Because the entrance fee is bloody 3000Yen (which I’d rather eat it up), and tickets require advanced reservations! Reservation is not a problem… the real problem is what if you are born unlucky like me, your chance of getting a stormy day is nearly 99%. Since the skytree is so high~ above the ground (doubled of Eiffel Tower), I guarantee you won’t see anything but clouds.Just like what happened to the 8000 visitors today.


Look, even the dog saw it!  (Photo courtesy of

Speaking of the Annular Solar Eclipse, I could not see it yesterday… Guess I have just missed another once-in-a-life-time! And what a pity, Tokyo and near by cities were one of the prime spots to view the eclipse!

So while I was heading for work yesterday morning, the sun was completely blocked by the clouds… and I kept watching the sky on my way to work (except for train ride), and still the sun was just the sun, nothing happened. Then I finally arrived at office around my usual time 7:30am. And after a while, I saw a girl from another team in the Tea Area… and she asked me if I saw the Ring of Fire!!! She said she saw it (without eye protection, since it was a bit cloudy) and it was 10 minutes ago (I was on bus then)!!! Many of my colleagues saw it, one said he watched it with his daughter, and it was one of the most spectacular moments of his life… Er, thanks! orz

But I’m not the only one left out, my supervisor said he didn’t care and spent the “historical” moment replying his emails haha.


I love my rice cooker, it saves me tons of cooking time (not that Udon in Miso soup took me long anyway…..). And tonight, I had Lazy Tomato Risotto.

Normally, I would make fried rice with ONLY eggs (I used 4 eggs last night with 2 bowls of rice… it was completely golden XD)… but the eggs ran out =( Then I saw two slices of forgotten Salmon(bought early last week) in the fridge and a can of ripe Tomato (no more spagetti left). And I decided to mix everything together!

I guess you’re supposed to slow cook the rice in chicken soup, but I am lazy and I did not have any soup stock .. so I just cut up an onion, fried with Salmon (pick out bones as frying), add the can of tomato, a pack of oatmeal (Mom bought me many packs, and I don’t eat breakfast, so… ) and finally the rice!

But my mixture was a bit too dry, so I added some milk and several drops of my favorite soy sauce…

Yummy and took less than 15 mins! The meal was perfect with a can of Apple Sparking wine.

As I am very lazy, I usually cook two days worth of rice at a time… so tomorrow I will try to use miso soup as the soup stock… while I have several packs of expired Natto, I will brave myself to see what Natto-Miso Risotto tastes like.


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