The Weekend: BBQ and Harajuku

Setting up our area…

Yesterday (Sat), we had a team BBQ at  上郷・森の家 , located in Yokohama. The place is a family resort, with hot springs, spa, sports facilities and BBQ grounds. This event was organized by Y-san, and she prepared everything (food, drinks, tools) for us. I thank her for that!

On Sunday, I went to Harajuku (原宿)- and bought quite a lot of things =D

上郷・森の家 has a well shaded and spacious area, allowing kids/pets to run around.

People were listening about how to set up the fire. The guy playing with his iPhone is my Supervisor, who recently turned into a family man from an extreme workaholic… because of his newborn =D

While I couldn’t understand anything…. I went around taking photos with my little friend – Y-san’s youngest daughter. She’s a very cute kid, laughing all the time… just like her Mommy. 

As some people prepare the food, some poured drinks XD We had beer to start off… then 3 of us brought our own red wine and sake… I brought the bottle of fruit wine I got from Canada. 

Kaide (楓, is her name, meaning Maple Leaf) was such a perfectionist… she played with ONE squid for 15 minutes just to peel of its skin. 

Tada ! The food. Today’s menu included: Sausages, Gigantic Ebi, Yaki-Soba, Yaki-Onigiri, beef slices, veggies and steaks.

Here we had to chop woods for our fuel… no charcoal, or electric grill. 

Each group was allocated one grill area… so several people were the chefs of the event. But I really miss the DIY BBQ when I was a kid in Hong Kong… where we surrounded the fire place, and each person had their own BBQ fork to grill their food. Oh, and I like my food burnt, and coated with layers of honey!! But no honey this time =(

First plate of food… 

But I didn’t get to eat much… because this crazy little girl wanted to play with my camera.

Yaki-Onigiri!!! My favorite of the day… I ate four pieces haha I have no idea why I love onigiri so much, even though I don’t particularly like eating rice.

W-san and her shy 3-year-old. They look so much alike! It’s one of the rare smile I captured from this girl… she was just too shy.

Her mom… actually, she looks like her mom too. I guess the entire family just look alike XD

Me and N-san… Didn’t get to use my camera much afterwards… because Kaede was hogging it =P

YAY marshmallows! Remember in the previous post I couldn’t buy any?? Y-san prepared it because N-san told her I loved Marshmallows ! ! Yeah!! These were tiny compared to our canadian ones, of course. But they burnt faster, which is good.

Shy girl liked digging the ground XD Papa said “Yeah!”, and she made the ‘V’ asian pose lol

The rest of the time was drinking, chatting… and playing hide and seek with Y-san’s daughters. I just realized I didn’t have any photos of her older daughter. Oops.

Gee, kids are always so energetic! After a few rounds, I got tired and hid in the washroom lol And every time they cheated- We were supposed to count up to 10.. but they always counted super fast (like in 3 seconds), and caught me. I couldn’t argue because Japanese was my weakness. Maybe that’s why NOBODY wanted to play with them, except me. T_T We later went to a nearby conservation area to look for tadpoles. But there were none!! One of my co-workers said he went to see them with his family last weekend, and most grew four legs already… So by now they’ve probably turned into frogs. The BBQ ended at 4pm, and after I got home- I went to sleep straight away (without dinner/ shower ewwww) and woke up at 5am this morning XD


The next morning (today), I decided to go to Harajuku- because 1. today is sunday 2. it’s sunny… and wiki travel said young people dressed in cosplay/weird fashion would be in abundance around the Yoyogi park area. Hm, wouldn’t it be interesting? So off I went.

At Harajuku station. The moment I stepped out of the Harajuku area, I instantly heard Chinese, Korean, English- well, it’s one of the top tourist places.

First stop: Meiji Jingu (明治神宮)

Saw some wine barrels… these were wines from France, as a symbol of friendship between the two countries. I wonder if anyone ever tried to drink from them?

On the opposite side were Sake! I wondered what these were a long time ago when I visited temples in other places… finally found out this time as they had english descriptions.

It’s a long walk to reach Meiji Jingu. But was an amazing run, cool as the walkway was shaded by trees, a nice brief getaway from the busy town!

Every temple has this kinda thing.. I still don’t know whether the water is for washing hands or drinking. ha.

The main building. Many Japanese come here for prayers throughout the New Year day.

Full of people’s wishes…. many were in different languages.

I wrote a prayer, along with my money offering inside this envelope. I have made many wishes since I came to Japan- as I’ve visited many temples. Not sure if they’d all come true though!

Some kind of ceremony happening…

The entrance.

Oops, little girl- you gotta be more careful when wearing a cute dress =)

Japanese Couple taking their wedding photos here. The bride was in a Shiromuku (白無垢), a white Kimono for wedding ceremony.

Little boy was bored as hell when his parents ran off to take photos. He just kept throwing small rocks into the sewage. 

Every sightseeing spots were located very near by the station- Next stop was Yoyogi Park, which the Meiji Jingu was actually located in.

Didn’t see no Cosplay teens.. but saw many groups of young people playing badminton or volleyball.

I walked and walked until I saw a small garden full of roses…

OK, flowers were pretty, but nothing was exciting… so I decided to leave from the Shibuya exit.

And I made a right choice! There seemed to be a carnival going on.

It seemed to be a Jamaica festival… 

African drums… Most people just fooled around without buying lol

Selling funky hats. The price tags scared me though…

I like the scandals, but didn’t buy- you’d think things would be cheap in such places.. sadly no.

This hairdo costed 500 yen.

There were many food stalls.. Korean, Bar, Japanese, Kebab, Jamaican food… 

I bought my lunch here.

An all-beef sausage.

A Kebab without much meat =(

Strawberry Shaved Ice with a scoop of condensed milk.

And why is there a Santa in a hot summer day?

Tummy full, so leaving the park… heading back to the shopping area of Harajuku.

Yoyogi Stadium just right across the park

Cute tees and bags on display.

Ahh, so crowded…

Takeshita street (竹下通り), teens’ favorite shopping hangout place.

A REALLY big Alien stuffed toy for 1980 yen only!

Then I saw this accessory carving store… “Free” carving when you purchase a hand strap, metal plate, etc.

I made a handstrap too… what got me sold was this: Arashi (嵐)… though I’m not a fan of Arashi, that’s the last character of my Chinese name!!

There were many stores selling photos of Asian idols. Really? Teens still buy them these days? I don’t think I collected any when I was younger.

Saw a Calbee store! Walked in and saw…

People!! A huge lineup, actually…

 to buy freshly made potato chips and fries!!!

They cut fresh potatoes…Deep fried them and put flavorings!

Here’s mine! Wavy chips with chocolate topping… and some really gooood fries! BTW, choco really doesn’t go well with chips. And I got really thirsty eating these..

A new mall was opened last month, called Tokyu Plaza. As I was walking, some guy stopped me and asked if I wanted a haircut… Did my hair look that bad?!? T_T

The entrance looked pretty grand… with mirrors reflecting at different angles…

Saw this and thought it’s just another statue… until I saw a pair of tired couple, one sat on the palm, another sat on the leg lol

What’s this girl doing?

Oh, She trying on clothes… electronically. Cool!

Nothing much in the Plaza, so I went to Omodesando… a street full of hi-fashion. But I was getting really tired by then… so just stayed there for a bit.

Leaving Harajuku at 6:30pm.

Bought two pairs for shoes for 1000 yen total! I only wanted the pair on the right- but since second pair was ‘free’, I chose the black ribbon heels… it’s actually one of the better ones.. as every other pair was bling bling in funky colors.

Accessories… Mostly hairpins.. and the red bracelet was the one I bought at the carving place… it’s got my name written in Katakana… I also bought some clothes, but put them into laundry before remembering to photograph them.

Whoa, it’s already 12:40am… better go sleep. BTW, there’s Solar eclipse tomorrow!! But I didn’t buy an observation toolkit.. plus my dorm is not at sea level. So it’s probably impossible for me to sight this event. But I’d wake up early , just for the sake of it!


4 thoughts on “The Weekend: BBQ and Harajuku

  1. ~iv says:

    OMG why are your posts so long?? LOL looks like you had tons of fun at the BBQ though you didnt eat much (i never knew you liked marshmallows?? =P) the little girl is so cute! =D OMG cant believe you took a photo of the little girl’s “undies”!! you are so weird! OMG i wanna go to the calbee store!! how about we travel to Japan together some time and you take me to all these places?? =D electronic shopping sounds awesome to me =P but i like those black shiny shoes =P OH take photos of the eclipse for me =D

    • yah, i ask myself this question too… i just wanna make my posts as detailed as i can, and it’s for my own memory. and i like marshmallows at bbq only ha. OK, i didn’t purposely snap a pic of the girl’s undies. I was taking a photo of her climbing back up… and this was what I got lol. Sure lets go to Japan, there are many places i still havnt got the chance to visit. and travellers can buy the railpass for cheap.
      and sadly, i coulnt see the eclipse today!! it was cloudy and when it was happening, i was on the bus… but some ppl saw it and took really nice photos though!!

    • yeah, i bought the bottle of wine.. thinking of using it as farewell gift lol now i gotta think of something else to give haha.Too bad ur back on diet now T_T

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