Thanks Mom

Mom waving goodbye at the airport.

Wow, I pretty much did nothing productive, but slept for the entire day ^^” Yet my muscles are still sore, definitely need more exercise.

So my mom left one day after our trip to Kyushu, on last Sunday. We spent the Saturday helping her pack, doing some grocery and last minute souvenir shopping at Yokosuka.

At Haneda Airport’s observation deck, while my mom was video calling my dad… seriously, they even talked every day on our Kyushu trip (while my mom complained how tired she was)  -_-”’

So while waiting for her departure, we browsed around at the airport’s gift stores, and saw some interesting things.

Sushi cap inserts for the audio jacks of smart phones.. Not sure what the purpose is really, because mine’s always occupied by my earphones anyway. Actually, my mom bought me one from HK (not sushi, but is attached with a small capacitive pen for the touch screen)… Er, what is the point again?

An iPhone case in the shape of Japanese fried noodles with dumplings. Would buy if I use an iPhone. I wish Android phones have cool cases like this.

What are these? Legs, Samurai swords and light sabers (in the far back). No seriously, they are chopsticks.


OK, I’m off topic again, this post is dedicated to my Mom of course.

Yeah, I want to thank her for visiting me, bringing me all the food that I don’t think I can possibly finish. Oh and thanks for bringing back some of my clothes to Canada too.

Thank you for cleaning my dorm room, until it was spotless inside and out. She did that twice, immediately after her arrival (said she couldn’t stand it. Oh come on, I cleaned it right before I picked her up from airport… she’s a clean freak XD) and after our trip (though she was completely exhausted). Of course it came with some scolds and rants… Oh and btw, my room has returned to its previous state in just a week (Oops)

Thank you for trusting me (initially) and let me plan out the entire Kyushu trip, letting me make most decisions.

Thank you for being patient and understanding even when problems occurred. She hid her frustrations really well =D

Thank you for not saying No to the ridiculous food that I wanted to eat, things that I wanted to try or places that I wanted to go.

Like you said, you’re more than doubled my age (hehe don’t kill me), so I’m sure this trip has been rough on you… Don’t worry, next time (if you dare coming with me again), we won’t go by ourselves on trains. We’ll either join a tour or drive a car. And I’ll make sure it’s the chillest trip possible.

Even though you were complaining, I’m sure you had enjoyed the trip, right?

Lastly, thank you Mom (and Dad) for buying me this bag. I think it looks good with the Kumamon keychain ;-D

Happy Mother’s Day!


5 thoughts on “Thanks Mom

  1. aww… so sweet! =) Ya i dont get the audio jack thing either… ><" but it looks good! Your bag looks good, im looking for that type of bag where it's crossed shouldered… didnt think it would be that hard to find a bag in HK… hopefully i find one soon =D

    • I think I like yours better- I tried finding the old style with white tag.. but they dont sell that anymore T_T . This is what comes closest. There are other newer styles with ridiculously huge logo but I prefer the classic one still.

  2. May Kann says:


    did your mom go to hk and then made a quick stop to Japan to visit u? thats so sweet! i’m sure u had a great time together. your mom is so cute!

  3. Yup, she was in HK, and dropped by to visit me for about a week. She’s now back in Vancouver. Haha, I’m not sure if she had a ‘great’ time with me… Perhaps it was more like suffering for her XD

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