The Past Week…


Went indoor rock climbing (bouldering) today after work with a bunch of colleagues.

I’m back! Actually, was back from Kyushu a week ago. Just didn’t have the time or mood to blog about anything (many things happened in the Kyushu trip, one of them is losing half of my precious photos! So I’ve been trying to recover them these days after work). I know I have tons to catch up on… so hopefully I can get some posts out of the way this weekend.

My first time trying Bouldering- I’ve done indoor rock climbing before, but the walls were much higher and there were harnesses. I would say bouldering is slightly more difficult, the fact that there’s no harness/external support. There were several times that I slipped and fell onto the mattress. Didn’t hurt but still… scary. Used so much grip power that I could barely squeeze my towels just now XD Joined the membership of this place (didn’t realize that it’s only 10 mins walk from my dorm!), so perhaps I will drop by and climb when I have time. Costs around 1700 yen each time.

Went drinking/dinner after… Only took the photo of this plate of ultra-fresh sashimi. Ultra fresh? Because the fish was still moving when it got onto our table… maybe for another 15 mins before its nervous system stopped functioning completely.

We didn’t opt for All-U-Can-Drink, because one guy couldn’t drink alcohol… but we each had several drinks and stayed until midnight…  One glass of Ume-shu (plum wine) costs 600 yen, whereas I can buy a 500ml bottle from supermarket for under 500 yen. Don’t know how much the bill is yet, but I guess my share should be well over 3000 yen! T_T


Now let’s look at some food I ate this week.

Yesterday’s dinner at Yokohama. Szechuan Tan-tan noodles… Japanese styled of course. Just feels like eating Japanese Ramen, except for the spicy soup base. BTW, if noodles are separate from the soup, it’s called tsu-ke-men (つけ麺). I personally don’t find much difference, but it’s to prevent noodles from getting soggy.

Craving sweets lately. Bought this delicious Almond Tofu (杏仁豆腐) dessert today after lunch. Oh, and I’ve been stocking up puddings lately. Japanese puddings (even ones sold in Convenient stores are sooooo good)

My mom brought me this mini-rice cooker when she visited… so I finally could eat something other than Udon! She even brought me a small bucket of rice from Hong Kong. Geez, mom, I want to eat Japanese rice, not your leftover rice.

What I made for dinner these days. So convenient to have a rice cooker. I just had to cut up some mushrooms and onions, throw them in along with the rice and let it cook for 20 mins. On the left is my all time favorite soy sauce (which my mom bought from HK) and a mango pudding.

When my mom arrived, half of her luggage was stocked with food, snacks, instant noodles, cans of salmon lol Here are some snacks that I really miss (though I get easily buy them in Japan, just slightly more expensive).

Tiramisu cake, from my last dinner with my mom before she left, at the Kaiten Sushi place. Have always wanted to try their desserts. Not bad, even though it doesn’t look too appetizing…


Really sleepy now (from the alcohol I guess)… and since I’m not going anywhere tomorrow (too broke, and I need to get some work done), I *may* write about my trip to Kyushu, and finish up my Kamakura Part 2 post…which I’ve totally forgotten about. Oh right, and I didn’t even write about my trip to Kyoto previously(and a bunch of other places too). Argh! I’m just really bad at keeping up with things in general.


2 thoughts on “The Past Week…

  1. wow long time no post la! lol… that dish of ultra fresh moving sashimi looks really good!!! =D OMG rice cookers save so much time! you can make udon with it too LOL hope so see your posts soon! i will comment when i have time to read them all =P btw… is there time difference between HK and Japan??

  2. wow ~~ your mom is sooo good, even bring you rice.. hehe, when my mom came visit me.. she brought my dried mushroom, dried shrimp, dried scallop and my dad asked her to bring me 2 big cans of satay sauce .. parents =.=”

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