What happened to my report.

This is what you get when you fall asleep when typing up the conclusion of your report. Found out this morning- btw, my report was 15 pages long only. Lucky I did not overwrite the whole thing with rrrrrrrrrr (Google Doc autosaves too)... Anyway, at least it's finished now.

Because I did not finish my to-dos last night (report + clean room), I need to rush home to clean up, then go pick up Mom from airport…. so I can’t go to the afterwork party before GW T_T


2 thoughts on “What happened to my report.

    • cuz i was half-lying down on my bed while typing. so in the middle of typing my conclusion, I somehow fell asleep and my index finger at the time was pressing on the ‘r’ key.. if that makes sense. I recall I woke up some time later… then just closed my laptop and went to sleep.

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