Waiting… no more.

Haneda Airport.

As I am typing this, my mother is still not out. Her flight was delayed for several hours from 9:35pm to 12:15am!! This mean no more trains and we have to stay the night SOMEWHERE. Anyhow, will go to the Cathay Pacific counter to see if they are compensating us. What a great start to the GW. WIth the extra time, I could have gone to the after work party.. but gotta get rid of piles of things in my room, plus I should save the party $ for Kyushu. God knows how much I will spend, I already took out entire month’s salary =) Well, at least I got some time to clean my room (swept floor three times), cook, shower, watch some shows… a productive evening indeed.

Since I had so much time on hand, I tried to glue back my glasses before the trip. And I ended up Krazy- gluing my fingers. Ouch!

After the scary incident (I tried washing off with soap, at the end had to peel off my fingers with force from the glasses), I started to clean up my room. And guess what? I found another pair of back-up glasses that I brought over from Canada… I had totally forgotten about its existence.

Gotta go, mom is supposed to be out any minute now.


NVM, still not out yet.. posting my dinner last night.

Sashimi dinner set.

Beard Papa for dessert. What a huge plastic bag for 2 cream puffs. They even put an icepack in the paper bag O_O In Japan, Beard Papa doesn’t seem to have many flavors (didn’t see no Matcha, Strawberry.. flavors that I saw in Vancouver).

You probably know that things in Japan usually come in many layers of wrappings or even in multiple plastic bags. Over the several months that Iam here, I have collected so many bags that I don’t really need to buy garbage bags. And these bags = part of the reason why  my desk is constantly in a messy state. I collect them in a big paper bag, but lately they keep over flowing.



She’s sleeping now. I am too cheap to to go a hotel- plus, there’s no bus, no train… can’t even get to Yokohama. 4 more hours until the first bus.

As for me.. I’m doing some last min trip refining =D featuring Aunt Iris’s Samsung tablet.. it’s soooo thin and light, much better than ipad!


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