Long Time No Post…

Feel like my blog has been abandoned for a while… Have been really busy lately and couldn’t really squeeze in time for writing. Anyway, this post is just a quick update of random things.

Anyway, my dinner 2 weeks ago at Yokohama,  I decided to have curry for dinner. There were two curry restaurants nearby (one Indian, another Japanese)… but there were people smoking inside the Japanese one, so i opted for the Indian one instead. Plus, that one had ALL you can eat Nan/Roti/Rice (not curry).

Had some salad to start with...

Veggie Curry (Left) and Butter Chicken (right).. look at the huge piece of Nan bread... I ordered two pieces of that.

Ordered a piece of Roti at the end...

The Nan was crispy and tasty…though it was a tad sweeter than the Nan breads I had before (maybe the recipe was adjusted to suit  Japanese’s taste? but I have a sweet tooth, so me like XD ) Since it was so good, I ordered a second piece… and I pretty much struggled till the closing time just to shove that all in.

Japanese food is awesome, there’s pretty much nothing that I don’t eat here (hey, I even love Natto). But I still crave for other food like pizza, burger, steak, curry once in a while. Frankly, pizza and curry weren’t even my favorites in Canada… I’d only have them once or twice every few months. But perhaps it’s human nature that we long for things that we don’t get easily. The same thing happened when I was having my NO carb diet 2 years back… you have no idea how much I drooled when I saw rice/potatoes/noodles/anything carbs (again, never a big fan of rice/bread).

Now that I’ve had my curry fix, my next target is AYCE Pizza at Shakey’s.


Though I’m not posting my Kyoto trip (feels like ages ago) anytime soon (hey, I’m not even done my Kamakura posts, btw, I’ve been to Kamakura twice since then… lol), let’s look at some stuff that I bought. Not much, because most were food and I shared it all with my co-workers.

Got all these from a small handcraft shop. Birdie necklace, and hairpins. Total came to around 1000 yen. The hairpins are good souvenirs(in fact, I already gave one to someone)...

Yojiya skincare products! I guess it's a famous traditional brand in Japan? The most popular item is the oil blotting paper (the pink package). Also bought a small jar of handcream, facewash powder with sponge(made of frozen Konjac), and a rice bran bag (still don't know what it's for...).

Shirley, Helen (both intern-ing in Kansai area) and I all bought something from Yojiya (the place that all 3 of us squandered most our $$… ) =_=;; The only thing that I’d probably use from the loot is the face power+sponge. God knows how many lip balms/handcreams/sunscreens I have, which I am always too lazy to use. And I seriously have no idea what the rice bran bag is for… bought it ’cause it seemed interesting.

Nama YatsuHashi (生八つ橋)... a Japanese sweet that reminds me of wonton skin. It's got different flavors (shown here is the original): Sakura, Goma, Matcha, etc. My entire backpack was pretty much stuffed with boxes of these. There's another version with stuffing inside (ie: redbean).. but I prefer the plain ones.


Sometimes I go down to the convenient store at the office building to have my 3pm tea time break, would usually get some chips, icebars, etc. I rarely buy bottled drinks though, because a 500ml bottle costs 100 yen, while a 2L one costs only ~160yen. But lately, I found that certain brands would give out freebies…

Matcha Cake keychain. from S-san, who probably has collected too many.

Didn't know what it was when I got it. It's actually a Party Dice. Just roll it and do it as the top says. The current top face reads "Squats for 30 times". Great for drinking party .. i guess.


Last Saturday, Y-san invited me and N-san to go to Hakone for Hot Spring (with her young daughters). It’s a 2 hour drive from our place… Spent the entire day at 2 places: Open Air Museum (full of statues, art), and Yunessun Hotspring Resort (http://www.yunessun.com/english/)

IT WAS RAINING ALL DAY BUT THE TRIP WAS SUPER AWESOME! There’s indoor and outdoor hot springs, with different ‘flavors’, for example; red wine, honey, sake, coffee, matcha! I even went for a massage (first time in my life… but it was a painful experience- for both my muscles and  wallet T_T

I took few photos (who would take photos in a pool with people naked/in swimsuits?), so maybe in a separate blog post (damn, too many posts lining up).

Then the next day, Y-san brought me to Kamakura *again*, because there was an event going on in front of Hachiman-Gu. I will write the details in another post. But, see what her daughter (8 yr old) made me-

A booklet describing the event in English! OK, it was cut/paste form internet of course. Yeah, so the name of the event is on the cover page... basically just people shooting arrows on horses.


Another round of stocking up with junk food 🙂 By the time I write this, it's almost all gone.

Junk food is one of the culprits of why I’ve gained quite a bit of weight since coming to Japan- I finally stepped on a scale at the changing room in Yunessun. And I don’t wanna talk about it.


I’ve whined so many times about my broken glasses..

Finally, I’ve ordered a new pair for FREE from Clearly Contacts . Pretty much just paid for shipping (~15 bucks?) They’ve arrived already (in 2 days)… Props to CC for prompt shipping =)

But of course, I only got to see them through my computer screen (yup, shipping to Canada only) T_T… which means I don’t get to wear them until late August. Meanwhile, I think I will buy another pair in Japan.

Ordered these ones.. But kinda regret it now.

Thought these would look much better. Ahhhh...


2 thoughts on “Long Time No Post…

  1. ~iv says:

    yes, i was wondering where you disappeared to, guess you had too much fun on your trips and got too busy to update us?? LOL at first i thought the first pic was the curry when i was reading… =P “so japanaese curry is white??” LOL ya that snack does look like wonton skin >< OMG green tea cake is my favourite =D SNACKS!!! i love your food pics =P both glasses looks good but i do agree that the second one looks better… o well first one is not bad though =D

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