Waiting to hop on the night bus...

Back from my weekend trip to Kyoto. Exhausting! My night bus arrived in Yokohama yesterday at 6am, I immediately returned home to unload my stuff, took a quick shower and went straight to work(arrived 9am)!

I probably won’t write about it anytime soon, because I haven’t finished my Kamakura posts and other things. My harddrive is currently full which means I cannot upload my photos until I get a new one. All I can say is…  I have done so much walking that every inch of my leg/back muscle aches. Not kidding… when I finally got to sit on the night bus… even sitting down hurt! Thankfully it got so much better now after a day of office work (I was dozing off lol) , except it still aches when I walk up staircases. No wonder walking hurt, later I realized I got one blister each under both my feet (took pictures, but not gonna post here)… Have you ever had this feeling that every bit of your energy had exhausted but you still kept on going because you wanted to see more? That was how I felt… and every step was worth it. Kyoto was such a beautiful and lively city. Sure, it was crowded in certain areas (c’mon, we are talking about Cherry Blossom season here)… but there’s something about it that makes me want to stay there, and explore. Let me confess, I didn’t have time to visit everything on my itinerary.. even some of the MUST-GO places. But, this won’t be my last time in Kyoto and I’m just saving the best till last.

Last night I was too tired to even use my computer.. and I slept in this morning =) But the pains are mostly gone now.


My supervisor has been absent from work for days, and his baby boy was finally born sometime in today’s afternoon! Can’t wait to see photos tomorrow, hopefully… when he comes to work. Too bad he missed our Hanami lunch today…

The weather has finally gotten quite nice and warm.. and our team (other teams too) decided to have a picnic lunch under some sakura trees next to our office building...

We ordered Bento boxes... Chicken stew, lotus roots salad and fried veggie rice... dessert was orange jelly.

Another group took the chairs that we set up the day before.. so we had to sit on the grass...

N-san's Sakura earrings...

Ehhhh? Someone collapsed and Y-san was taking photos with her cell phones XD

OK, he was just napping and jumped up when realized people were snapping him.

Took a walk around the hills... OK, I was laughed at by my co-workers because apparently, I lacked common sense: I didn't know this yellow flower was also called "Dandelion"... I had always thought Dandelion was the white one with seeds that blow in the wind.

There were like 20 newcomers to our department last week… Apparently now-early April is the time for companies to hire new people. Those new comers are all new graduates … but they only came to our office for an hour or so.. you know, brief 2 lines self intros, toured around the office… then they all went to different group companies for a half-year training, before they can return to our lab. N-san said when she was a trainee, she was sent to a sales division and had to bike around town to sell network contracts lol Some other guys (luckier) were sent to stores to sell mobile phones(except had to stand almost the entire day). Our team has a new guy too, but he only stayed with us for 20 mins and went back to Tokyo. He will finally join our team sometime in July.


Anywayyyyy, so…

Does this look familiar?

It’s Kamakura’s Hachiman-Gu! OK, I went to Kamakura again last night after work(despite I was drained from my Kyoto trip). Because Y-san and M-san wanted to show me cherry blossoms at night. The drive from our office was fast- 30 mins or so. Remember I said in my Kamakura post that the flowers weren’t blooming yet when I visited 2 weeks ago?

Well, now they are =)

Sorry for the poor quality photos, I did not bring my camera to work yesterday… so I used my crappy phone camera…  The flowers were still at 50%, not fully opened yet.. however, the forecast said it’d be windy on Wednesday, so we were afraid that those 50% would be gone then.

Close up. Sakura flowers are pretty, but my favorite is plum flower (after my trip to Kyoto)..

Sakura ice-cream on our way back. They kept saying it tasted like Sakura- sweet and slightly sour.. but when I tried a flower petal this afternoon.. it was plain bitter.

Saw a cute O-Jizo-sama too. Oh man, I want to go to Hiroshima to see the temple with hundreds and hundreds of Jizo..

To prove my love for Jizo, I bought some Jizo stuff in Kyoto...

But they are gone now.. I gave them out as souvenirs T_T Guess I will buy them when I visit again.

My dinner last night.... bought it at a sushi store half price for 345 yen. It's equal to 5 plates of sushi.. and would cost 500 yen if I go for Kaiten sushi. A new budget place to get sushi... quality was better than the last Kaiten place I went to.


Received my cell phone bill just now… *GASP* it’s 4975 yen! OK, my plan was supposed to be 980 yen… how the hell did I end up with this big fat bill? OK, I made several int’l calls, local calls and thats about it. Will go to the store over the weekend to ask about it.

Dinner tonight... Udon in sesame sauce.

I think I will become an Udon expert… I have tried different brands of Udon in Japanese supermarts. And this one you see in the picture is by far the best- it’s got the perfect chewiness. 5mins cooking time seems to be just right. Only one pack left.. need to buy more *note to self*


6 thoughts on “Back.

  1. ~iv says:

    isnt a bus at 6am considered a morning bus?? lol… picnic sounds relaxing and the weather there looks good =D omg those jizo dolls are sooooo cute! how come one has a cell phone strap and one doesnt?? sushi! i’ve been wanting to eat that salmon roe sushi but cant find it anywhere! everytime i order it turns out to be the small ones… LOL about your udon… post soon when you are free! =D

  2. It’s a night bus because I got on at 11ish pm and arrived 6am… so it’s overnight bus.
    About the Jizo dolls, because one is a cellphone strap and the other isn’t (just a slightly larger Jizo). lol . Didn’t wanna get too many phone straps.
    dude, salmon roe sushi is everywhere srsly, if you go to sushi garden, they have it too! I think if you got the small ones, you ordered “Tobiko”, the large eggs are called “Ikura”… or you can simply refer them as “big salmon eggs”..

    What do you want me to post about udon? To testbench each brand lol?

    • I ended up not using the power bank much(only on night bus). because I stayed the night at Manga cafe, so I could charge my stuff. But if you buy it… one thing to look out- IF your electronic item is fully charged, unplug it! because the power bank will drain otherwise.

      btw, my phone plan is the most basic one that should only costs 980 yen. It has no SMS/phone mail/data… only incoming calls are free. And seriously the number of calls that I make cannot add up to over 4000 yen!

      I already used up all my monthly allowance for April (because of the trip).. T_T

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