Solo in Tokyo Part 3: Roppongi

View of Tokyo Tower from Roppongi streets

I finally get around to write up on my visit to Roppongi on March 4th. I did not get to see much of the area, because I spent almost the entire day inside the National Art Center of Tokyo.

The Entrance.

It was the last day of the Media Art Exhibition, I arrived at around 11am.

Inside of the Museum- people were catching a break/breakfast in the cafe area.

The museum had several ongoing exhibitions, and most were free!

What I was there for...

The Japan Media Arts Festival had four exhibition areas: Traditional Arts, Manga, Anime and Media Arts. I’m just going to post of some of my favorites below. Enjoy.

First display item in a huge dark room: A multi-level metallic track in the shape of an infinity sign, with bright balls rolling indefinitely.

A "photo wall"- Participants can have their portraits taken and printed out.

Where am I? *hint* I'm pinned beside a hot guy 😀 The black/white line photo was taken with an instant camera and it took perhaps 5 mins for the entire process. If your head move during that period, your photo would end up like mine T_T

A dancing monkey toy that imitates the user's moves.

My turn. There're many moves that this stupid monkey can't do.

A kid at a computer station, playing with one of the winning interactive art pieces.

One of my top favorites! A short documentary of two twin sisters, remembering an childhood event. They lived far away from each other, thus the interviews were conducted separately. The movie was edited in such way that both audio and video of the interviews were played simultaneously. It was a powerful piece, showing the similarities of their lifestyle and memory. The creepy thing was: that childhood event could only possibly happen to one of them, yet both of them thought they were the ones experiencing it!

A Manga station: People are free to grab a manga for read.

I was reading a manga on iPad... suddenly something rang, I thought was my phone... but it was actually the sound effect of each manga page lol

Hand draft of a Mangaka.

I love the drawing style of this... Gonna read more about it if only I can find it somewhere.

An Anime about an elderly people's home. Humorous plots yet reflect the loneliness of elderlies.

Behind this was an exhibition area about the 3.11 earthquake, with photographs and News cutouts.

Photos of reconstruction after the earthquake.

A Graffiti Robot... Eh, more like it's randomly doodling.

Hand drawing on this stretchable canvas.

Cool videos filmed through a glass floor... showing different patterns formed by the dancers' feet.

This hairy creature was featured in a funny music video filmed on a busy street of Tokyo.

Bendable sword (left) and musical instrument(right). Flimsy metal sheets turns into dangerous weapon after power on.

A zoomable graph that shows the connections of Facebook users worldwide. Kinda look like a map of the universe.

Apparently they sent a Samsung Galaxy to space using a balloon (seen it done many times previously)... but this time, the phone has twitter app launched, and people in the room can send tweets and see them displayed on the phone in space.

Mario game on Nintendo's Famicom/gameboy ... so what?

Haha, it's actually a series of game consoles of different generations... all connected together. Player has to move from left to right, beating each game in each console (aka crossing the game border), so the game character can move on to the next screen.

Light painting under bright sunlight!!!Gotta try that after I return to Vancouver!!

A music performance at the exit of the exhibition...

This guy played music with NDS, iphone, etc.

That’s it! At least for this Media Art Fest…. Because I went to another art exhibition of graduating art students of some local university next door.

Kind of empty, as most people were at the Media Art Festival next door.

Little Red Riding "Bunny" Hood... with 3 toes.

Paper marched Giraffe.

This sunny egg would make a nice reclining seat if only the egg yolk is a soft cushion instead of hard plastic.

After visiting the gift store, time to leave the Art Museum!

After exiting the Art center, there were two directions- one leads to Tokyo Midtown, another to Roppongi Hills.

Midtown area was just a complex consists of several shopping malls and an art space.

Saw FujiFilm's tiny museum... took a stroll inside.

A collection of their products... old and new. Turned out no photography allowed, so I stopped about here.

After a quick walk inside Fuji's gallery... I walked out to search for food. The only thing I ate for the entire day was a bun that I bought the day before in Shibuya (if you still remember, it was the award-winning and expensive but nothing-special bun that I whined about before)

Saw Kabab, but I wouldn't wanna eat that loaf of meat that spun in the open air for god-knows-how-long.

Since everything was pretty much not affordable. So I went to my budget favorite place for some GyuuDon. Geez, Kimchi-flavour plus an egg costs almost 200 yen more.

Roppongi's famous for nightlife... Where are all the night clubs? I only saw a few small ones, and this Hard Rock Cafe...

Should've walked into TGIF for some American pub food.. oh wait, isn't that the Tokyo Tower at the corner?? OK, I didn't know I could see it there, so was a little bonus for me.

I decided to walk there, since it didn't seem so far away. I was wrong... and it also started raining. I had no choice but turned back... Well, it's harder to take good shots of it as I get closer anyway.....

Walked into Donki's on my way back. I love this Zakka (variety) store.

First floor of any Donki stores are always full of cosmetics.

They also sell the chocos that I brought from Canada for my colleagues... 658 yen for a tiny pack.

Saw a chest, so I opened it... the TREASURE was mahjong WTH

Some Oppai cushions...

Convertible Bikes!!! I was thinking of buying one, and fold it into my luggage...

Going home! I went into the "Women Only" train car, and saw a bunch of men.. so I thought WTF. It turned out (afte reading a sign), it's Women Only during busy hours of weekday mornings.... -_-

Roppongi is a hip and artsy area of Tokyo, famous for its night clubs(?, but I did see many foreigners). I will visit again- to finish up other museums nearby the area, to hang around Roppongi Hills(though I doubt there’d be any interesting things to see, another high end area). I will also walk to Tokyo Tower (hopefully if weather’s nice), visit the weird wax museum and go up for a couple night shots.


2 thoughts on “Solo in Tokyo Part 3: Roppongi

  1. ~iv says:

    even the entrance is very artistic =) very interesting things you saw there! =D i found your photo… after a while… LOL i remember you complaining about the bun… but you should have eaten something, dont starve yourself la… haha why do they only let women on that train??

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