The weirdest candy drops…

Some stickies craziness.. it's now a part of an "artwork" on display in one of the rooms

In my office, people use stickies a lot… to brainstorm, or even when chatting – someone would actually take out a pad of stickies and start writing on it. I personally just use them for doodling, since I hate messing up my notebook… plus you never know who’s gonna peek into it 😀

But today, I have found another use for these post-its…

I never touched these cans until today...

These cans of candy drops have always been piling up on a tray right at the bookshelf next to my desk. I never touched them, because I thought they were just empty, perhaps a collection of the desk owner (I am actually just borrowing her desk temporarily until she gets back from pregnancy leave). Not until today my colleagues asked me why hadn’t I tried any!!!

There are about 30 unique flavours, each was bought from a different city in Japan. There are a few normal ones, such as Mango, Apple, Sakura, beer… but that’s about it. The rest ranges from Okinawa flavors (Awamori, Goya) to Hokkaido’s (Lamb,  potato w/ butter) to fishy things like Mentaiko (明太子). Extreme, eh? According to my colleagues, only those classified as “normal” have tolerable tastes. Which is why- everytime someone tries a new flavour, they would rate the candy on a sticky note. BTW, most of them have pretty disgusting tastes, since like 70% are imitating salty food.

There’s really not much food that I dislike, back in Vancouver I’m usually the one to clean up all the expired food. So I asked for the nastiest flavour possible. They thought for a while and concluded that pretty much all those 70% are right on par with each other.

So at the end I picked an unopened can, something that looked like Unagi Don (鰻丼)… but they told me it’s a similar but different kind of fish.

Anyhow, the very second it landed in my mouth… I could smell a weird odor. Basically smelt like century old vomit… but the taste was about right, salty and fishy (not fresh sashimi, think dead fish). It brought back all the memories of eating Harry Potter jelly beans. I had an urge to spit it out, but I didn’t want to lose face in front of my colleagues… so I pretended and kept saying Oiiishiiiiiiiii!!! They were pretty surprised actually, and said I was lucky to taste a decent abnormal flavor on my first try. RIGHT.

Then I turned my back to grab a sticky note (meanwhile secretly spitting it into my cup of greentea), and ranked it as SUPER OISHII…

Throughout the day, two colleagues tried it after seeing my sticky 😀

OK, though I think it wouldn’t taste good either. I sort of want to try Takoyaki flavor, too bad my colleagues said they couldn’t find it at Osaka.

I think I will start collecting these drops from now on (a colleague reminds me they make perfect souvenirs for friends, great idea :P). Top of my most wanted list is Wasabi (of course disguised as Matcha flavor or something).

Now i wish they are real food… maybe the japanese should take the next step to put real nutrients in them.


The Ramen place I went to in Yokohama after Japanese lesson. I love those order vending machines, that way I didn't have to order verbally

850 yen for Ramen, rice and Gyoza.

My ramen.. Salt (塩) flavor with hot sauce... The soup base was too thick to my liking, but I loved the noodles! they were fine like Angel Hair pasta.

My Gyoza and unlimited side dishes (bean sprouts, salted veggie). Ramen could be refilled too, I believe without charge.


Funny thing during Jap lesson… My teacher asked me where I would like to go during the Golden Week. I heard from some people that flying to Korea is actually cheaper since most Japanese prefer travelling within the country. I meant to tell her かんこく(韓国), which is “Korea” in Japanese… but I pronounced it as かんごく(監獄), which means JAIL. LMAO.

Anyway, I have a new goal to learn at least 3 new Japanese words each day… Here are what I’m taught today:

モテキ(?no kanji)- “mo-te-ki”, means a prime time period of a guy/gal’s life where he/she suddenly becomes so attractive (to the opposite sex I assume?)… N-san told me Japanese believe everyone experience 3 “motekis” in their life.

ハンコックき(反抗期)-  means puberty…

こうねんき(更年期)- means menopause….

けんけつ(献血)- means blood donation…

Last but not least….

My beloved Clearly Contacts "Free" glasses: Aug 2011- Feb 2012.

Well, the arm actually broke off a week before I came to Japan.. but I glued it back and it was fine until yesterday.

So I was playing badminton … and somehow when trying to make a save, I lost balance and fell toward the net… my glasses were knocked off and here they are now…

I will try reviving them with Krazy Glue tonight.


2 thoughts on “The weirdest candy drops…

  1. JC says:

    you glasses were broken before anyway…

    BTW, i am trying every pocky stick favour from Konbiniya Japan Centre, similar project!

    blood donation…. u do that more than once if your life…

  2. ~iv says:

    WOW im not sure i want to try your “special” candy drops… lol but it does sound super interesting. So the ramen comes with rice?? why would you need both?? i guess jails are interesting to visit sometimes? ><" LOL i hope your glasses lasts for another 6 months! =)

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