If third time’s the charm… shouldn’t the sixth double my luck?

I am sitting at the Horinochi station, shivering typing this post and waiting for my train to come…. 15 more mins to go.

It’s the sixth time, I believe, that I miss my stop/get lost at a train station. Everytime I get on a train, I have to guess which station to transfer (there are only 2 possibilities in my case, but I usually get off at the wrong one =’/) I hate rapid trains, they are way faster than the local ones… however, they skip stops (including my station, since it’s not a major stop). Transferring is a complicated matter for me, it’s such a hassle that I prefer taking the local ones if I’m not in a hurry. Tonight as usual, I got on a local train… it was fine until it switched to rapid somehow sometime without me realizing it! Hence I’m waiting in the cold now, warming myself with the overheating macbook.

I can’t believe how shitty my luck is today. Since N-san (who I go to work with everyday) went to Tokyo for a forum, I slept in for half an hour this morning. I got on a train, transferred at the usual station… turned out wrong again because it was a different train from the one we always took! So I went all the way to Uraga. 20 mins later, I finally made my way to YRP Nobi station, where the bus station was. Just when I thought everything was good…

I was half way through the line up when snapping this...

it began to snow (???) and look at this LONG line up! There were actually multiple lineups, there were so long that I couldn’t see which one was the right one, so I just went with the one with most guys in suits.  Finally I was about to get on the bus. WTF? It’s the wrong one. It’s almost 9 when I arrived at the office… phew, thank god most of my team were away at Tokyo.

Lesson of the day: Always stick with the same train.

Two of my colleagues who didn’t attend the forum were finally free to introduce their themes to me. My discussion with T-san, who’s not fluent in English, involved using the dictionary/google translate almost every sentence. It was fun to chat with her though, plus I learnt many new Japanese words =)


Right after my Jap class ended at 8, I wandered around Lumine, a mall next to the Yokohama station.

I was disappointed since the winter sale seemed to be over... Many stores are displaying their spring catalog now.

After the mall closed at 9pm, I went dinner at the pork cutlet (豚カツ) place that I was craving last time.

Menu full of deep fried goodies. I want to try the oysters next time.

What I ordered... Pork w/ plum fillings and shrimp

It was SO DELICIOUS that nothing was left, not even the crumbs.

Egg with seafood... Strawberries as dessert, very sweet despite their small size.


This lady had finished her set dinner when I sat at my table. She kept asking for seconds (rice, lettuce, even miso soup are unlimited!) and was still there when I left.

I asked for more gohan and salad too, just barely finished it! This place would be perfect for my bro, no body would complain even if he ask for 5 bowls of rice!!


It’s 9:31 am now, and I didn’t hit publish again lol No ‘work’ today as we will go to the forum later at Musashino !


4 thoughts on “If third time’s the charm… shouldn’t the sixth double my luck?

  1. Well, that lady looks like she might enjoy a number of seconds! Your food looked absolutely delicious but everything fried usually does. I would love to visit Japan but your post about the trains is a bit daunting. And what a line!

  2. ~iv says:

    OMG it’s snowing!? LOL no comment about the train and bus confusion… i totally would be as lost as you, if not more… OMG your dinner looks soooooo good! and unlimited stuff sounds really good… i wouldnt mind unlimited miso soup when i have dinner XP LOL your brother can eat 5 bowls of rice?? wow… i think i would explode… but i dont really like rice to begin with haha

  3. Omg, I would leave like super early just to avoid that line. That’s just me though. I hate long line-ups and crowded public transport, especially when I have to stand. Good luck with your general going-abouts though!!

    • That’s exactly why I am up early every day now T_T
      Traffic in Japan is pain in the butt…. Sometimes I just want to visit places that are… less crowdy.

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