Super addicted to SuperMarts (Post of Feb 13th)

Look at the groceries I bought tonight... Udon, pasta, veggies, potatoes, snacks, miso, fruits, ketchtup, etc. Good for a week!

Got off work at 6pm tonight and headed straight to AVE, the supermarket 5 mins away from LIVIN. I actually didn’t know about it until I googled “Yokosuka supermarket” at work today. The place was huge, and was divided into 2 sections: Groceries and Housewares… It’s like Costco and Home Depot combined! It had a variety of fresh produce too, though I didn’t buy any from there due to the prices. After comparing prices, I got my fruits/veggies from LIVIN… I think the prices for fruits/veggies in Japan are just ridiculous! Onions cost like 300 yen? Come on, and I don’t care whether they are from Hokkaido or not… just gimme the cheapest of all. The only fruit that has an acceptable (barely) price tag is grapefruit…. No wonder why Japanese girls are so keen on the Grapefruit diet… maybe I should pick it up again. The only “cheap” food are bean related things, like Natto, Miso, Tofu.. That’s why I’m buying them A LOT!

The fruits section of AVE.... as you can see, 450 yen for 3 apples.

I’d have to say where I live is the perfect location in Yokosuka, with 2 supermarkets (one 24/7) nearby, bestbuy like electronic store 50 feet away, right across from an University (not that it matters to me), 2 mins away from the sea wall… Anyway, I bought what’s on sale (mainly some fresh veggies.. I can finally cook!) and quickly went to Daiso to buy some snacks.

Saw Denny's on my way to Daiso. It's NOT our Canadian Denny's just so you know. It's a coffe shop that sells ramen for dinner XD

My final stop of the day was LIVIN of course, hunting for my dinner tonight.

50% off sushi

The unknown(?) fish tasted so much better than last time! At least it didn’t stink.

BTW, the other side of LIVIN sells random things like bikes and THESE dolls...

From my (shallow) understanding of Japanese culture, these Ningyo (人形) figures are called Hina dolls for the Girl’s Festival (Hina-Matsuri ひな祭り) sometime in March.They were crazy expensive too, like I can buy 3 bikes with that price…

I sorta start seeing a pattern in my life @ Japan…

Weekdays are like this: wake up 6:50am> leave home at 7am > arrive work at 7:40am >work productively > lunch at 11:50am > work chill some more > leave work around 6pm > go to Chuo/supermarkets > eat dinner at 9pm > shower > watch stuff/browse net > sleep around 12-1 am.

Weekends go like this: laundry, cleaning, get the hell outa Yokosuka!


BTW, this night ended with me falling asleep while typing up this post… hence I’m posting it today instead on Valentine’s Day. =P


One thought on “Super addicted to SuperMarts (Post of Feb 13th)

  1. ~iv says:

    OMG i typed a long paragraph, then forgot to hit “post comment”… ><" so again… WOW the supermarket is so big! that unknown fish looks really awesome to me! i want some! lol… (although i had Jap 4x for the past 1.5 week… ~hehe) OH i remember those dolls from 小丸子… XD yes i remember them saying that they are really expensive… you aren't getting enough sleep la… sleep earlier la! you go to supermarket EVERY day? dinner at 9pm seems kinda late and bad for your system… wow you still have time to watch stuff??i barely have time to sleep… but that's because i need 8 hours of sleep to survive… =S

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