It’s the final countdown

Saying bye to Mon and Den from across the platform....

Leaving for Japan in 9 hours… and darn it, I can’t sleep.

All the excitements I’ve had for the past few months have turned into anxiety… It’s almost like the climax of a story ending with a twist, the sense of uncertainty is just too overwhelming.

Well, people say it’s normal and I DO go through this every time before each coop begins- but what are my fears?

Living Alone?

No, in fact I quite enjoy the freedom. It’s true I have to take care and clean up after myself, but trust me, I can deal with this (despite my laziness)!

Radiation? Earthquake?

These two are the top 2 items on my mom’s list of concerns (out of 981237849 things)… But really, all I need is to be alert and have some common sense.

Language barrier?

My jap is at still newbie level. But people at work speak fluent eng… my least worry! Plus there’s always body language…

Work performance?

Gee, I haven’t even started and I am already feeling kinda intimidated. I usually get over this pretty soon though, after ramping up at work. I do hope I can contribute a great deal to the team though, given all the efforts they put into getting me there (paperworks/accommodation..)


The above just concludes that I’m worrying about NOTHING, really! I should force shut my eyes now and try to dream about onigiri, okonomiyaki and other yummy jap food…


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