Fail attempt to paint with light

It’s not the first time we do it, here we fail again – another attempt at amateur light painting. We were at a family friend’s house for another round of CNY party. We were playing with my bro’s camera and suddenly decided to play with light (wanted to do levitation first, but it’s not really a good idea to jump at other’s house XD).

We were not a creative bunch, so we just randomly drew lines and shapes.

After a few rounds of practices and epic failures, we got our first satisfactory result- it’s the chinese character meaning “Dragon”, to represent the year of Dragon duh! We got bored of outlining pretty soon, so before the battery died, we took a couple of these—-

which, IMHO looks pretty darn good. Just wish we had more time (battery dying… annoying) and the camera didn’t shake (no tripod).

I definitely would find some other time to light paint again- it’s fun, creative and I really wanna become those pro light painters you see on YouTube =)

Funny (not) side story

Caption: Bro’s Adidas sneakers were stolen.

Yup, we all just left our shoes at the doorsteps. And when we left, he couldn’t find his shoes anywhere!! So he just “borrowed” slippers from the host. We suspect that the thief is male (who else would steal men shoes? wait, maybe a poor mother for her teenage son), with shoe size 9. I just laughed and took photos as he was going frantic looking for his shoes… man, I’m such a caring sister.

Lucky him, time to buy new shoes now.

Thanks to Joanne, now I really want to buy Jake Shimabukuro’s Peace Love Ukulele ( I actually want his tablature book more).

He’s half of the reason why I wanted to buy a uke in the first place (besides it being cute+portable). After getting my Mahalo, I haven’t gotten to play it much. I will though, I swear. Still battling whether I should bring my Uke over to Japan. I really wanna play it during those silent nights to soothe my lonely soul lol

Reasons to bring:

  1. It’s light and portable
  2. I want to playyyyyyy
  3. I need to practice to be good like Jake someday
  4. I can’t bring my guitars over
  5. I can join a class in Japan

Reasons NOT to bring:

  1. No space in baggages (at least not with the water boiler, hair dryer… etc)
  2. I may not have time to playyyyy
  3. I will never be good like Jake, not in this life
  4. Dude, you don’t even play your guitars much
  5. Can you even understand japanese???
Verdict– We’ll see how it goes… Maybe I can pick one up in Japan ? ;-P

Anyway, was searching some Ukulele classes /shops around Yokosuka, and came across this page:

I will definitely check it out when I get there!

Finally, my dear Uke… just in case I won’t bring you over, this will be our farewell… I hope I’d have time to stroke strum you in the next few days.


Count down to Japan: 4!!!!


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