New Year’s Feast

It’s Chinese New Year again!

I am so glad that I can celebrate this with my family before I depart for Japan. We already  had a dinner gathering with family friends the day before, so yesterday was just a family dinner amongst the four of us. Mom pretty much stayed in the kitchen the entire day, making carrot cakes for friends and preparing dinner afterwards. Lucky her, it’s only once a year =)

Man, I’ve been stuffing my self lately. Eating out far too frequently quickly added 2 pounds to my weight in just this month!

The dishes were yummy, though I’m not a big fan of abalone… it’s alright, only once a year XD

Of course, New Year’s dinner wouldn’t be complete without dessert – sesame riceballs with rice wine sweet soup, with an egg that’s got an huge yolk (what’s up with eggs lately? I keep getting double yolks. eeek). Loveee it!

And I woke up this morning late afternoon finding a gift pack prepared by mom on my desk… consisted of red pockets (duh), apple (? it has a meaning…), canned fish ( fish in chinese sounds the same as “surplus”), a bunch of snacks that either I finish by end of this week or pack it to Japan!

Anyhow, I hope the year of Dragon will be a blast for everyone. Good health and fortune to all my family and friends!

Count down to Japan: 6 days!


One thought on “New Year’s Feast

  1. ~iv says:

    did you cut that red “ping on” thing? looks awesome! teach me XD how can you not like abalone! WOW yours is so huge too… and apple means “ping on” i think… LOL to the canned fish… definitely seems like it was for Japan since everything is “perservable” =P

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